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Jill is a non-playable character in Cytus II. She serves an antagonistic role in Ilka's storyline, and supporting roles in Vanessa and Ivy's storyline.


One of then original members of The Blessed and the temporary Leader of said organization during the Decommission Era. Jill is entirely devoted to Ilka's cause, and will do whatever it takes to support her.

After the events of The Purge, Ilka tells Jill that she must temporarily lead The Blessed under the guise of Ilka following their final gamble. It is unknown when Jill was reprocessed and subsequently reawakened, however, she does save Violette and many other architects who had yet to reawaken. For this, Violette displays a deep reverence and sense of protection towards Jill.

After Ilka and Rald infiltrate The Blessed headquarters, they are confronted by Jill