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Log #1: Cam_Cafe_684_08_28 Edit

JOE: Look! I have everything set up!

Saxon: Alright, set up the music stand here...

JOE: No need for that! Yours truly here have memorized the entire thing already!

Joe 1

Saxon: You're way too young to be calling yourself "yours truly"... alright then, let's begin.

JOE: No probs!

[>>> Fast Forward >>>]

JOE: Ehhh... do this here...

Saxon: Seems a bit different from what I taught you?

JOE: Ah, it's this string...

[>>> Fast Forward >>>]

JOE: Uhhhh...

Saxon: Your fingering is off. I'll teach you one more time...

JOE: Nah pops, I got this!

Saxon: ... Then try again.

[>>> Fast Forward >>>]

Saxon: That's right, just like this. Don't stop, keep going.

[>>> Fast Forward >>>]

Saxon: Your fingers are too stiff. Don't forget: sway your body, feel the music.

[>>> Fast Forward >>>]

JOE: Hehe, hehehehe...

Saxon: Yes, smile. Music is like good wine. You need to enjoy it with ease and to the fullest. Only then can you truly perform music with soul.

[>>> Fast Forward >>>]

JOE: Whew, I finished! Yeah!

Saxon: Not bad. However, your pinky finger is not flexible enough. Are you doing your scale exercises properly? That's the most basic skill, you must practice it every day.

JOE: Of course I did~ You never believe me, even though I'm such a good boy!

Saxon: I will believe you once you show me some results. One more time?

JOE: Again? How about you have a go!

Saxon For what? You're the one who's learning how to play BASS.

JOE: If you don't practice, I will be as good as you in no time. Then you will have nothing to teach me!

Saxon: Hoho... you really think you can catch up with the BASS god of Quadrant 3...

JOE: If you're really that godly, then show me! Come on, come on...

Saxon: ...Alright; give me the BASS. I'll show you a glimpse of a true master at work.

JOE: YEAH! Love ya so much, pops! Here, now hurry!

[Signal Lost]

Log #2: Cam_Cafe_687_02_27 Edit

JOE: Look over there. It's that dog.

Joe 2

Saxon: Still very much a puppy though, probably no more than a few months old.

JOE: It's been around here a lot lately. It keeps digging around in the trash cans and making a huge mess, super annoying. Chase it away!

Saxon: ... It's only looking for food, no need to go that far. When you were digging around in the shop's fridge, I didn't say anything too.

JOE: Hey! Why are you comparing me to a dog!

Saxon: Give me the bone in the bag.

JOE: You even prepared such a thing? Here, take it.

Puppy: Arf! Arf!

Saxon: No need to be scared... This is all yours, dig in.

Puppy: Arf... arf.

JOE: It's enjoying that bone way too much... ok, it doesn't look THAT annoying right now.

Puppy: Arooo~ ARF!

JOE: Yikes! This stupid dog bit me! Forget it; we should chase it away!

Saxon: The way you touched it was wrong.

JOE: BullS***!

Saxon: ... Give it a name.

JOE: Name? For what?

Saxon: I'm going to raise him as a guard dog.

JOE: Huh? You serious?

Saxon: Yes.

JOE: Okay, okay... lemme think... how about Cerberus?

Saxon: Cer... what is that?

JOE: Cerberus, something I learned in school. Have you not heard about it? It's a creature form Old Age myths. Apparently, it's a giant dog with three heads. Sounds really cool.

Saxon: I've never even finished school. No good, too hard to remember, not to mention that it doesn't have three heads.

JOE: ... Yeah, you have a point.

Saxon: Let's call him Zark. It's the name of an old friend. Ah... it is male, right?

JOE: Look at that "thing", you see that? Definitely male.

Saxon: Good. Remember to come and take care of him from now on.

JOE: Me? No freakin way! That sounds like a terrible chore!

Saxon: The decision is already made. Zark, let's go back.

Zark: Arf! Arf!

JOE: Stupid dog...

[Signal Lost]

Log #3: Audio_Cafe_690_01_13 Edit

JOE: Hi, pops!

Saxon: Be quiet. Zark is sleeping.

JOE: You still haven't dumped him yet? He's a pretty terrible guard dog if you ask me... Maybe I should wake him up with the noise of my practice? Hey, I came up with this really awesome move yesterday!

Saxon: Practice by your self first. I've got work coming in very soon. We'll discuss about it later today.

JOE: That type of work again?

Saxon: Urgent case. Customer here to collect the packages.

JOE: Okay, okay. whatever. You're not going to tell me more details anyway, even if I asked you.

Saxon: ... Interested in my work?

JOE: Uh-huh, a little bit. These "mysterious underground dealings" stuff seems quite fun.

Saxon: If you keep treating "fun" as your top priority, it will come back to bite you someday.

Saxon: To be fair, the customer ordered quite a bit of stuff this time. It's going to be tough if I carry it all by myself. What do you think, you want to help me carry this stuff?

JOE: Hoho? Did someone hit you in the head? You want me, of all people, to help out?

Saxon: You're all brawn and no brains anyway. Physical work should be right up your ally.

JOE: Stinkin old man... Then what do I gain from this?

Saxon: What you gain is that I will not tell your mother about the trouble you caused at school.

JOE: EHHH! That's not fair...

Saxon: Come, I'll pay you accordingly. It's about time you learn a little bit about where money comes from anyway.

JOE: Cargobob no.1, JOE! At your service!

JOE: Since you're getting me to help out, can you now tell me who these customers are, and what they are buying?

Saxon: You're not a grown-up yet, no need to rush. Wait till the day I pour you your first glass of booze, then we can talk about it.

JOE: Alright, alright, you stingy old man.

Saxon: Finish your drink quickly. Once you're done washing the cup, come find me in the basement.

[Signal Lost]

Log #4: Audio_Cafe_691_08_12 Edit

Saxon: So you're here?

JOE: We're talking about money, of course I'm here! What are we carrying this time?

Saxon: No need to rush now. Here, have a drink.

JOE: ... Milk?

Saxon: What? You want booze? Wait another year, you lil' brat. ... It's been several months since you started helping me, right?

JOE: Woah, serious talk isn't it... I guess so.

Saxon: You've made yourself a decent fortune these days. You should understand what this "work" is all about now.

JOE: I know, I know. Contact sellers for the customers, look over the products for them, then wait for them to come pick it up.

Saxon: More or less. Those products are not illegal but are hard to obtain. The customers' identities are also rather obscure. That's why my social network is required in these transactions.

JOE: No wonder they are super respectful of you.

Saxon: Sort of. Besides transactions, I sometimes provide other assistances. For example, leading customers to specific locations.

JOE: So basically a tour guide. Why don't they go there themselves?

Saxon: Because they don't know how... in fact, most of the customers come from Node 03.

JOE: That really messed up place? Your social network really is wide and expansive.

Saxon: ... Being naive is not a bad thing. Here, take this paper.

Zark: Arf-arf! Arf-arf!

JOE: Hey Zark! Knock it off, don't bite it... what is this, an address?

Saxon: When the customers arrive in a minute, you help me lead the way. Escort everyone to the location on the paper. Once they reached the location, you come back to me, I pay you the money. Simple enough?

JOE: Are you treating me like a guide dog? I feel like this is a job for Zark...

Saxon: I will pay you double.

JOE: I'm going to wait for the customers outside!

Saxon: What's with the hurry? Finish your milk before you go!

JOE: Give it to Zark! Only idiots drink milk in a bar!


Saxon: You little brat... Zark's gonna get diarrhea if you give him this stuff.

Zark: Arf?

[Signal Lost]

Log #5: Cam_124St_691_08_12 Edit

Wang: Good. I dare you to repeat that s*** again!

Fang: Idiot, your lack of brains is why you've been stuck in your position all these years.

JOE: Eheheh, what the heck is going on? Wasn't everything fine beforehand? How come I went to take a p*** and now you two are trying to bash each other's head in?

Fang: None of your business, now get out of the way.

Wang: Hey you. Take that out.

Crew Member: Eh? Are we using it here?

Fang: Ha! That's why I said you lack brains! Did you even think about the consequences of using cargo for private purposes!?

Wang: Shut your damn mouth. I'll blow your sorry a** to kingdom come, then say it was a trigger accident.

Fang: I advise you to shut up before I send one right through that blockhead of yours...


Joe 3

Fang, Wang, Crew Member: ...... !?

JOE: Everybody's connected to the internet, right? Gimme a sec, I'll set up the room.

Wang: ... What are you talking about?

JOE: Done! Let's see... 1 vs 1 Deathmatch between you two, select.

Fang: Woah! A gun appeared...

Wang: What the heck are these?

JOE: You guys don't know? This is an AR shooter that's all the rage on cyTus these days. First one to 50 kills wins.

Wang: Hey! You really think a child's game like this can...

[Game notification]: Headshot! First Blood

Fang: Ahahaha! Holy S***! His head exploded! The effects are sick!

Wang: OWW!

JOE: Capo Wang, even though it's a game, it hurts like s*** when you get hit. I've cranked up the immersion to max. If you get hit consecutively, you're gonna faint from the pain.

Wang: Hmph! Nonsense!

[Game notification]: Headshot!

Fang: That's two points for me. If I win, you better shut your damn mouth for now on.

Wang: F*** you! Die! Die, you son of a b****!!!

Crew Member: T... they really started playing...

JOE: Hey! I've added all you guys to the observer mode. Come, place your bets! Press the UI on your arm and the choices will appear. I accept both C coins and cash! But, I will take 15 percent commission.

Crew Member: Hey, this seems quite interesting... 10 grand for Capo Wang!

Crew Member: 20 grand for Capo Fang!

Crew Member: 20 grand for Cape Wang!

Fang: Hey, you bastards! I'm in the lead; why is everyone placing bets on Wang?

JOE: His odds are higher. If he wins in the end, those who bet on him will get a boatload of money.

Fang: HA! Interesting!

JOE: Hoho~ this way, we keep the cargo intact, nobody gets hurt, and I make some quick dough. Haha! I'm such a genius!

[Signal Lost]

Log #6: Audio_Cafe_691_08_15 Edit

Zark: Arf!

Luo: It's been quite a while, UNCLE. Been in your care for quite some time now.

Saxon: Oh, it's you! Haven't seen you in a long time. Must be tough managing an entire gang, right? Martini?

Luo: No, just here to open my wine collection and have a chat. How are you doing these days?

Saxon: Business is booming. Thanks to "R", I recently got access to a brand-new group of customers.

Luo: R... the information broker you mentioned before?

Saxon: Yes. His purchases mostly feature obscure documents, be it about history, ancient technology, information on other Nodes... all rare and exquisite stuff. Also, I've seen this guy do business myself; not your average joe.

Luo: How so?

Saxon: He is well educated and very intelligent. It's very obvious that he is vastly different than the other thugs who come here to trade for information. I often see him play his informant like a fiddle.

Luo: Sounds like a dangerous folk... you should be careful yourself too.

Saxon: Hmph, no need to worry~ he is good enough to earn my praise, but not enough to truly impress me. He has a clear understanding of the rules here, and he never buys on credit too.

Luo: So he has a good credit score just like me.

Saxon: Indeed. Over here at my place, "Credit is everything". Cheers?

Luo: Of course.


Luo: Ah, right. During the last trade, some crew members got into a fight and things nearly got out of hand. It was your boy who came in and calmed everyone down. I have to thank you for that.

Saxon: You mean... JOE?

Luo: You've never heard about it?

Saxon: He didn't mention anything about this to me. What happened?

Luo: Well, it's like this...

[>>>Fast Forward>>>]

Luo: Those two love to compete with each other, too much actually. Sometimes the mood in the gang just gets really awkward when those two are at it. Even I was having a little trouble dealing with them... Since JOE introduced them to the game, now they handle most of their clashes through that game. Thanks to that, the other gang members can also treat their competition with a more relaxed manner.

Saxon: Is that so...

Luo: Pretty good job by that kid, don't you think? I expect no less from your protege.

Saxon: The only thing he cared about is the money. Don't you dare think about dragging him into your world.

Luo: You're still as sharp as always. Don't worry, I won't. Even though it is a pity...

Saxon: A pity... is it?

Luo: Yeah. From what I see, he's a kid with quite the potential.

Saxon: ......

Luo: Woah, so it's this time already. Thanks for the drink. I have to go.

Saxon: Alright. See you next time.


Saxon: ... Potential, eh? Not that I could see any.

Saxon: Ah! Ugh...

[*Glass Shatters*]

Saxon: *Huff*, *Puff*... My chest...

Saxon: *Huff* ...... *Puff* ...... Damnit, what's going on...

Zark: Arf, arf! ARF!

Saxon: No need to worry, Zark... I'm ok.

[Signal Lost]

Log #7: Cam_Cafe_692_10_21 Edit

Saxon: Not bad. Boy, you've been improving fast recently.

JOE: I know that!

Joe 4

Saxon: Keep your pride in check. Overall, your play is still too rash. You can't just ignore the tempo and play random notes... If you are playing in a band, the drummer is definitely going to throw drumsticks at you.

JOE: But speed picking is cool!! The neat and tidy stuff is too slow for me. This is my style!

Saxon: Oh, god have mercy. Please don't let other musicians know that I'm your mentor...

JOE: No need to worry! Remember the web guitarist I mentioned before, Simon? His style is just like this too. In the entire Node 08, only I can keep up with his speed. Pretty awesome, isn't it?

Saxon: Speed and Fluency are two very different entities... However, I was just like you when I was young, so who am I to judge? Back then, I formed a band with friends and performed at many live houses. We had quite the reputation.

JOE: Another story about your band? How rare; I've only heard you talk about that for like... eight million times, I guess? Are you starting to get Dementia?

Saxon: Then the first thing I'll forget is ever teaching a little retard like you.

JOE: Hahaha.

Saxon: If not or the injury to my ear, I may still be playing music now... Now, all I can do is teach a little retard how to play BASS... *Sighs* man, how life can change.

JOE: If not for the arrow I took in the knee, I am still an adventurer~ Sidenote, what do you actually do in a band? Practice, perform, have s**?

Saxon: Mostly the first two. We also write tunes, compose songs, do audio mixings...

JOE: Mostly... so you still had s**?

Saxon: ... Once, with the lead female vocalist. Jazz music, red wine, wonderful night.


Saxon: But then she had an affair with the guitarist and they both ran away. The band had to disband..

JOE: Pffft! Ha, ha, HAHAHAAA! AHAHAHAHA! So even you experienced times like that. God, that is hilarious.

Saxon: Laugh all you want.

JOE: Ha... why the long face? Are you mad?

Saxon: No. JOE, answer me seriously now. Do you have any plans to play in a band and test out the extent of your abilities?

JOE: Umm...

Saxon: You do have some ideas, right? Tell me about them.

JOE: To be honest with you... yeah. I've been thinking about it since I heard Simon's work.

Saxon: That's it. For us musicians, interacting with each other is the only way we create sparks of genius and improve ourselves even more. Shutting yourself in and practicing alone will not make you grow.

JOE: Zzz......

Saxon: You little... I'm serious. Give it a go. Use the skills I taught you and show those arrogant wannabe musicians what real music is like. Tell them that one does not simply play music and expect quick fame.

JOE: Ok, ok. To be honest, I've already started forming the band online. Also what's with the "One does not simply..." thing? What have you been reading these days?

[Signal Lost]

Log #8: Message_Group_693_05_25 Edit

KAI: [PM 08:35] Hi, everyone, time for the band meeting

JOE: [PM 08:35] Meeting time!!! Big sis, if you're there, make a noise~

Cherry: [PM 08:36] I am here, so shush

KAI: [PM 08:36] That's rare. Big sis not the first one to respond

Cherry: [PM 08:37] Was dealing with stuff late last night, didn't sleep too well

JOE: [PM 08:37] Late last night!?!? Could it be a boyfriend... >///<

Cherry: [PM 08:37] ... Gross

JOE: [PM 08:37] Image

JOE: [PM 08:37] OK, let's get back to the meeting XD

KAI: [PM 08:38] First the band name, final decision is the one Big sis came up with, crystal punk, everyone ok with this?

Cherry: [PM 08:39] Some of the letters are capitalized, it's Crystal PuNK

KAI: [PM 08:39] Got it. I myself quite like this name. It has a nice ring to it

JOE: [PM 08:39] How bout CRYSTAL PUNK? Looks more impactful

Cherry: [PM 08:40] All Caps names are everywhere, doesn't stand out

JOE: [PM 08:40] I know that XDDD I'm ok with the name~ The most important thing is that it's a band with you guys!

JOE: [PM 08:40] We are Crystal PuNK!! Our goal is the world stage!!

Cherry: [PM 08:41] ... If KAI's the one who said this, I would probably be really touched

KAI: [PM 08:41] That's a bit much. Alright, one thing done, next thing. Regarding other members, any thoughts or possible candidates?

KAI: [PM 08:42] I'll go first. Last time, I went on a LIVE and came across a pretty good bassist. He's pretty consistent; let's switch JOE out

Cherry: [PM 08:42] Agreed

JOE: [PM 08:42] Wait, WTF XDDD What about our goal of the world stage!!!!!

KAI: [PM 08:43] Who said it's going to be with you? That guy's slap is incredible

Cherry: [PM 08:43] Looks like JOE you can leave in peace

JOE: [PM 08:43] NOOOOOOO~ ~ ~ ~

KAI: [PM 08:44] Nah, just kidding. JOE, you mentioned about a guitarist you knew. Is he any good?

JOE: [PM 08:44] Ah, right! I'll show you guys his solo!! He's totally gonna be the next big thing!

JOE: [PM 08:45] [JOE has shared a link

Cherry: [PM 08:48] Holy cow... he's amazing... that's professional level stuff right there

KAI: [PM 08:48] Amazing indeed. The sound is stable. The tone is smooth and clear even during shredding. How did you get to know him?

JOE: [PM 08:48] I actively harassed him ofc XD We know each other pretty well now. Should I get him in this chat?

Cherry: [PM 08:49] Sure, but I have things to deal with tonight. How about tomorrow?

KAI: [PM 08:49] I think tomorrow's fine too. JOE, contact him. Invite him to this chat tomorrow night and we can continue the discussion then

JOE: [PM 08:50] Understood! Yes Sir, leader!!!

KAI: [PM 08:50] Can someone else be the leader instead... please...

JOE: [PM 08:50] Image


Log #9: Cam_Velvet_693_08_28 Edit

Joe 5

[*Crowd screams and applauds*]

Cherry: That was <<CREDENCE>>! Thank you, everybody!

Cherry: Didn't expect so many people to show up today... Everyone's so passionate! Give yourselves a large round of applause!

Cherry: Good... For our next song, it is written by the bassist of Crystal PuNK, JOE... hey JOE, you introduce it yourself.

JOE: You serious? Can I hold the mic?

Cherry: Hurry up.

JOE: Ehe, hehehe, um, hello everyone. I'm JOE... Oh god, I'm so nervous. Umm, the, um, next song is...

Cherry: Why are you stammering! Stop faking it! Your acting sucks!


[*Crowd laughs*]

JOE: We agreed on not to hit the hair! Alright, hello guys! I'm Crystal PuNK's bassist JOE!

[*Crowd screams*]

JOE: Those who have followed us must know this. WHO AM I??


JOE: Good, very good! Everyone's being nice today! To be fair, my BASS was taught by my uncle. I call him pops. Pops loves Jazz music, so much so that he opened a Jazz bar. The shop's name is SAXO Cafe. If you happen to pass by, we welcome you to come in and have a drink...

Xenon: Hey, time is running out.

[*Crowd screams*]

JOE: Wait, what are you guys screaming for? Damn you Xenon, you and your good looks...

Xenon: Another word and you get drumsticks to the face.

JOE: You're not even the drummer... ok, ok. All in all, I wrote a song with a bit of Jazz flavor in it. It's slightly different from our previous style. I hope...

JOE: ...... !!

JOE: ...... Pops?

Xenon: What's the matter?

JOE: Umm, nothing... I hope everyone likes it!

[*Crowd screams and applauds*]

[Signal Lost]

Log #10: Cam_Velvet_693_08_28 Edit

Saxon: JOE.

JOE: So it was you! How come you didn't tell me that you're coming!

Joe 6

Saxon: Didn't want to give you pressure. The performance was good. The song you wrote was great.

JOE: Hahaha! Thanks! Just like you said; the feeling is so awesome!

Saxon: The crowd is so packed that it reached the exit. The ticket sales must be pretty good, right?

JOE: Super good! If we calculate based on the rent this time, the profit alone is more than enough to hold two more sessions. Did you have a crowd this big when you're performing?

Saxon: We didn't have even have a Live House the size of Under Velvet back then.

JOE: Hahaha... If we can keep this up, a few more sessions and I will have enough for a brand-new effects unit. Pops, are you interested in sponsoring me?

Saxon: We'll see about it. Set aside the money stuff, how does it feel performing on stage?

JOE: It was SOOO amazing! Even though I screwed up a lot haha.

Saxon: Can't help it. You can practice your skill anywhere, but the cheering and attention you received from the audience is something you can't experience at home.

JOE: Indeed. Man, what should I do now; I want to perform again right now!

Saxon: No need to worry. From what your band showcased today, it won't be a long time. Trust me; this is a prophecy from the true BASS god of Quadrant III.

JOE: Woah, why are your words so kind today... feels creepy. Thanks a lot for coming though! Is everything ok back at the bar?

Saxon: I closed it to come to hear your performance. However, have work later tonight. I have to go.

JOE: Then I'll collect my stuff and go back with you too...

Saxon: No need for that. You guys still have to celebrate and discuss your performance, right? Don't waste your time on an old man like me.

Saxon: Remember... enjoy these times as much as you can.

JOE: Huh?

Saxon: Listen, when I look at you, I see my younger self. In the future, you will begin to shoulder more responsibility... Cherish these experiences right now, as they will be a memory you recall when that time comes.

JOE: What the... why are telling me this now?

Saxon: Nothing. Remember to call your mother if you're going to stay out late at night. I'll be leaving now.

JOE: Got it. See ya pops!

[Signal Lost]


Log #11: Image_Hotpot_693_09_01 Edit

Joe 7Date:693/09/01 Location: Node 08 - Hot Pot Restaurant 

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