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The devil will never be satisfied with just one finger. Once you dip in, there's no... Turning back...

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Joe is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the 25 playable characters. He was released during the 1.4 update. Currently, Joe has 11 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 36.


JOEZ Cafe of Node 08——On the surface it comes across as an ordinary pub, yet is in possession of over half the city's underground intel.

What transpired in the past to push cynical JOE over the edge, leading to undeniable association with notorious gangs and involvement of cross Node criminal activity past the point of no return? Malicious intentions lurking within the metropolis' dark corners are just waiting for the right moment to bring themselves to the light.


Main article: JOE OS Logs

Joe is a naturally jokester who never takes anything seriously, even if he is asked to. He views most things as a joke, and just wishes to have fun with his acquaintances in order to liven up the atmosphere. This is why most people are either annoyed by Joe, or find him comforting to be around.

Despite this, Joe deals with a great amount of pressure and responsibility, having to deal with the underground intel that passes through JOEZ Café and making sure everything runs smoothly. He keeps his job a secret from everyone, even those he is closest with, knowing that he would be ridiculed, hated, or even abandoned if they found out he was taking part in such lucrative deals.


JOE Songs
Player Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length Release DLC
Absolutely Shi Kuang Lee & Pico 2 5 11 125 2:32 1.4
Bass Music Umziky 2 8 13 131 2:31 1.6
Childish KillerBlood 4 7 12 174 2:36 1.4
Higher and Higher Jiro 3 6 14 230 2:13 1.4
Hydrangea Tatsh 3 6 12 14 214 2:22 1.4
Juicy Gossip good-cool 3 7 11 190 2:01 1.4
Nautilus satella 2 5 11 108 2:20 1.4
Open the Game Jiro 4 6 13 126 2:38 1.4
Standby for Action 3R2 4 8 12 128 2:09 1.4
Take me to the Future Haamoja 3 7 14 125 2:57 1.4
Turnstile Jumper Frums 4 7 13 321 2:37 1.4

Result Screen Quotes[]

"...zzZ... Eh? Oops, sorry. I stopped listening halfway through the song" "Hey, if it's too hard for you, maybe you should... give up?" "Oho? You're pretty good." "Wow~ You're definitely no average Joe!" "Nice moves, my man! Haven't seen a musician this good in a long~ time!!" "That was so~~ sic!! Please let me call you master!"
"Fail! EPIC FAIL!! One Deadly Devil special for you as punishment!" "That's no good... You need to keep working on it" "The music... you're starting to feel it, right?" "Great job! I expect no less from a fellow Jazz lover!" "Your skillz alone deserve a drink! Here, it's on me!!" "I hereby surrender the title "Bass God of Quadrant III” to you!"
"Sighs~ Even Zark's yapping was better music than this" "Puhahahahaha!! Ah, no, it's... pretty good... Pffft!" "So? Wanna bet? I accept both C coins and cash!" "Man, that was some good music~ Takes me back to the good ol' Crystal PuNK days~ " "Ehhhh, You're phenomenal!! Wanna crash the party with me next time?" "This APM... It's faster than Simon, isn't it? Quick, go kick his arrogant a**!"


  • The theme of Joe was arranged by KiVa.
  • Before being a playable character, he was present in Xenon and ConneR's OS files. He also made iM posts from his account before being playable.
  • Joe makes the debut of the following artists: good-cool, Jiro, Shi Kuang Lee, Hammoja, satella and Umziky. Returning artists are Frums, 3R2 and Tatsh (In his alias Persona from Cytus).
  • Joe's last song, Bass Music, was released in v1.6. Since then, he has gone the longest time without receiving new songs. However, he received a Glitch chart for Hydrangea in v3.2, while Miku and Kizuna AI have neither received new songs nor charts since their releases in v2.3.9 and v3.1.6, respectively.
  • The leaderboard in the background includes Joe, Neko, Simon, Alice and Kizuna AI (under her alias AI AI).
  • The radio in the background is playing the song CHAOS.
  • All of Joe’s song arts are stylized as booze labels.
  • Pictures of Uncle Saxon and Cherry’s birthday party can be seen in the background.
  • JOEZ Café is a reference to VOEZ Café from VOEZ. While the Café was under the ownership of Saxon Miller, Joe's father, it was known as SAXO Café.