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Main_Log_702_12_24 21:42:41

The unit reboot process ended today. My balance parameter calculations are complete and operations have returned to normal.

There’s something I noticed; I sensed many memory files with large lapses in time that were loaded on the surface of my consciousness that had not undergone active processing. We can reason that all access is cut off from shut down Architects; And yet, from this data, I gained knowledge of something while I was shut down.

....This is no different from humans. During the more shallow stages of slumber, sensory information can be produced unconsciously. It may be images, sounds or the effect of remnant emotions. They may cause them to shed tears after they have awakened without remembering the reason for their sorrow. Data shows that these perceptions have a deep connection to the unconscious or old memories. I do not understand why, but I…. I had a dream.

[702.12.25 00:01:12  Edited]

Is it because I keep thinking about Vanessa? In this dream, I recalled that discussion I had with Ilka. No need to discuss our different positions, she was at least correct about one thing: I’ve been avoiding reality from the start, tricking myself into thinking I could save everything. Perhaps now… It’s time for me to face the consequences of my actions.

Vanessa… The Real Vanessa, how would she deal with all of this? In this new world where Architects shouldn’t even exist, I have penetrated myself so deep into human society. What does this mean? Plus, now I must do everything for her… For them. Now, what else?

…. If only I could let her go…