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Main_Log_702_12_19 06:19:37

I've dismantled the recycled model and the damaged parts have basically been replaced ... but not all of them. Currently my functions are 70 to 80% of their normal rate. Plus, I can't rely on my balance module. I need a few days to re calculate parameters and fill in the disparities. But even though I can move normally, we've got a more serious problem ...

My test results prove that the authorizations which were restricted can't be restored. No matter what operations are active they'll be immediately detected and the connection will be cut ... Vanessa has taken over the data world for sure. Everything would be locked out like this. All I wanted was to save her ... the result was that I couldn’t even protect the one helping me. Some investigations revealed that her acount information has already been blocked as well ... Although I don't want to admit it, all I can do now is ... nothing . ... it's come to this, so why… why let me live, Vanessa

Trying to deduce the reason for her lenience, my searches on the virtual Internet revealed only one possibility. Her core was to weak ... the first time she saw those images they were to painful even just a few seconds ... now for several hundred years the thought of annihilating humanity has been eroding her in her sleep... this was only inevitable. That's not all ... ever since the error occurred, I had a vague idea that it was happening, I just don't want to admit it ... no, perhaps it was even earlier than that ... the one who unleashed this evil energy was none other than myself... the call of Æsir. Just as they predicted. Ever since the beginning my decisions have only lead to death and destruction ...