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Main_Log_702_12_11 09:19:50

An analysis of data pulled from the surveillance equipment that was attacked showed images of a drone attack. The records revealed that the connection mode of this unit is consistent with the models that were hacked before. Therefore, we can determine that this attack was also Vanessa’s doing. However extra checks confirmed that her authorization is still restricted… this, is very strange.

There is a possibility: That she first set up an automatic protocol. Even though she didn't issue a command the system still attacked. If that's the case I just need to hack in and fix it; But if that's not what's going on I'll have to do some mental preparation. Did Vanessa already escape, and have I been duped this whole time? If that's true, the range of the disaster will expand even larger… No, don't panic … whatever it is we've got to confirm what's going on. Only then can we plan what to do next .

The owner of JOEZ cafe is in good condition. He has returned to clean up the aftermath of the attack. There are gang members watching him all the time now. I'm unable to get close to him… originally, I want to use the same method that you I used on Noah Black to force him to help but this option is no longer available.

It's for the better. I didn't want to do that anyway. Whether it's pulling people in who have nothing to deal with this or using their abilities… after all of that, this is still my responsibility. I'll keep observing them for a while. Even though I can't get any more signal amplifiers, the equipment from Æsir fest can still be used. If need be, then….