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Main_Log_702_12_07 20:24:11

            Everything is going smoother than I expected. I’ve already gotten a hold of the prototype unit that the humans have produced. Although I don’t have time to check the entire system, replicating our structures is already the limit of current technology. As I expected, it can indeed serve as a replacement body for Vanessa… at least for some time.

           By means of the port that my “helper”  established, I am able to access some of the library’s internal data. What caught my attention is that it seems A.R.C. has gathered some intel on Architects long ago; some members of the Exploration Team were attacked by architects and died in the forbidden area. Besides that, they also uncovered fragments of the parts of some units. Their source was the same as the source of the parts I used to create the model.

To me, these remnant units are merely replaceable shells, but the humans aren’t satisfied with using them to extend their lives. Instead, they’ve chosen to develop an entirely new series of units. Even if Vanessa and our helper can be controlled, the human’s goal will remain unchanged. I’m unable to…. No. Perhaps after some time I’ll be able to deal with this. But is that a good thing? I do not know.

[Edited at 22:42]

            I found what I needed from the library. As expected A.R.C. has had an understanding of ancient technology for quite some time now. Or perhaps I should say, they got a hold of something that possessed this technology. We don’t have a lot of time. In my case…. I need the help of that human.