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Main_Log_702_11_06 22:18:54

Ran a quick check-up. The plant experienced no errors. The images of Simon Jackson do indeed exist in Neko Asakura's brain. However, when faced with questioning from the Administration Bureau's agents, she still insisted that he is innocent...

This is so hard to explain. I could easily use suggestion on her. As long as I have the desire, completely destroying her brain is not difficult as well. Yet I couldn't completely control her mind and her decision-making. Could it be that her brain's strength is capable of overriding my suggestion? That's impossible; she's just a mere human who couldn't be more ordinary.

... No, this is just more proof, that Humans... are not as "ordinary" as the data implied, to begin with. While those images of destruction are certainly real, they also have a side that's emotional and kind... At certain moments, their resolute will is worthy of respect as well... Never thought I would think this way...

Forget it... Although unable to utilize Neko Asakura's testimony, humans still firmly believe that Simon Jackson is the real Æsir. Everything is still going smoothly, for now.

Better finish the re-evaluation of the Cytus system first as soon as possible. Vanessa... is the most important.