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Main_Log_702_09_20 22:55:13

Brought back the model during the night. It was hit by a pulse pistol and suffered quite a bit of damage. Won't be able to operate outside again in the near future.

I severely underestimated Simon Jackson... His A.I. found my image in A.R.C.'s database. Subsequent investigations led him to discover the base in factory 03. It's too risky to let him continue to investigate freely like this.

His next step... he's likely going to track the connection address I used to hack the streamer and catch up to me, isn't he? There are too many clues there, I can't hide them all. However, as long as I can come face-to-face with his A.I., the situation will change... The legendary hacker "X" is a mere human after all. If it's a fight between the 0s and 1s, he is no match for me.

The conversion for the remaining memory data is going along smoothly. I will definitely succeed this time. I will not allow a human to mess up my plans.

Just wait for me a little longer, Vanessa.

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