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Main_Log_702_08_24 23:14:59

This attack, due to the boost from the amplifying equipment, the conversion rate is very promising... It could also be because of Neko Asakura. Her fans are all extremely restless. They provide a completely different emotion... I have to thank her for it.

The more concerning thing is that the tracking signal from the proxies has been getting closer and closer. Several IP locations have already been exposed. To be honest, I am very surprised. Within the ranks of the virtual internet system, there actually exist someone that can make me feel "threatened".

Simon Jackson... this is the name I got after doing a reverse tracking; an A.R.C. Engineer. He's the one who breached my defenses. However, at the time of Æsir-FEST, he was present at the backstage. He should've lost part of his memory as well. This means that his A.I. followed his previous commands and was able to obtain quite a bit of information, all without the knowledge of its owner.

I have to say, the functionality is outstanding... whether it's the A.I. or its creator.

Coincidentally, Neko Asakura happens to know Simon Jackson. During my hacking this time, I altered her memory and planted footage of Simon Jackson deep inside her mind. Like a remote-controlled EMP bomb, if the time really calls for it, I can let her remember it... Her testimony can effectively shift the investigation direction and buy me time.

If Simon Jackson takes one more step closer to me...