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Main_Log_702_07_27 23:57:59

Ran a quick test with the collected memories. The system did not function... The accumulated emotion sample size is still too small. In order to successfully simulate the Cytus system, I still need to collect more...

There is just one problem. Just now, I saw the news that the idol singer I previously invited fainted during her personal concert. She experienced a stimulation that caused her memories to relapse and this is the sequela of that... If this continues to happen, humans will without a doubt become more alert. It is already borderline impossible for me to hold another performance to collect memories using the Æsir identity.

I'm going to have to resort to even more extreme methods...

[Added after edit on 702/07/28 09:04:12]

Just discovered that one of the proxy servers in the system had an unauthorized connection record. Is someone... investigating me? A human from the Administration Bureau... is it? This is a mega-scale cyber attack, after all. Can't blame them...

I've purposely made my connection trails very complicated, yet this person was still able to find a way to link to my proxy. It appears that this person here is not just your average IT guy either. Despite that, this is still too insignificant for me to consider it a threat. I should focus on the tasks at hand first.