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Main_Log_701_09_18 00:00:00

Every required condition has been clarified. My plan is about to officially enter its execution phase...

Humans are actually very simple creatures. They are proud of having individually unique traits, yet couldn't live outside their social circle. They have the ability of independent thinking, yet often prefer to blindly follow others. This is part of the main reason why I am so optimistic about this plan.

Come, gather around this stage that I've diligently prepared for you, humans.

[Mail]Target address:

Miss PAFF:

I am Æsir. On 702/01/18, I will be holding a mega music festival in cyTus titled " "Æsir-MUSIC FESIVAL"".I myself will perform on stage as well.

The schedule, remuneration, and even details are in the proposal.Hope Miss PAFF can perform at this event.Awaiting your response.

[Æsir-MUSIC FESTIVAL Proposal]