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Main_Log_700_03_20 22:38:46

Vanessa...... is used as a research subject by humans. She is no longer conscious, but she is still alive...... Her physical body couldn't leave that room. Therefore, the entire structure was forcefully dug up from the ruins and locked inside A.R.C. headquarters...... I must save her.

I don't understand...... Vanessa was excavated by humans ten years ago. It was only after discovering her did human technology experience a massive advancement.

I thought the OPCI machines were eliminated by humans. However, if that's the case, why would they then go out of their way to excavate their corpses for research? "The Decommission" ...... Just what is going on here exactly?

[Added after edit on 700/06/20 22:17:16]

Took me three months; finally able to complete the algorithm that can mutually convert humans' emotion samples and music. Next, I just need to convert large amounts of emotion sample into music. With those, I can then create a new Cytus system and use it to awaken Vanessa.

I am not very well-versed in complicated mechanisms...... The only thing I know, is that music is the only medium we understand and able to deduce emotions from. After I awakened, I no longer need to be connected to Cytus. Despite that, whenever I listen to music, I still feel this vibration deep down inside my body. It just keeps vibrating, one beat at a time, for no apparent reason.

That sound, it's very similar...... to a human's heartbeat.

[Added after edit on 700/06/21 01:35:25]

Just ran a test using my own emotions...... My first ever musical composition is born.

The hysteria of being unconscious for hundreds of years; the anger of losing my comrades; all these elements caused this song to feel immensely powerful when listened to. It's essentially a replica of myself. It has a completely different meaning...... I decided to seal it up.

When I was listening to it, I got an inspiration: "Asura" in the ancient language. The evil god.

Æsir...... This shall be my new identity.

Wait for me, Vanessa. I will definitely save you.