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Main_Log_700_01_02 21:12:31

[System Alert] Insufficient power (6%). Diverting all power to maintain basic function.

What is going on......? When I saw humans wandering in the forbidden area, I already felt that something is out of the ordinary...... As expected, the Node... is not what I imagined. At the very least, I am certain that it is very different from the supposed look stated in the "Protocol".

First of all, OPCI machines are nowhere to be seen. The Administration Bureau has already been taken over by humans and is operated directly by them. This caused me to unable to enter the Gate. I can no longer issue commands to the robots produced by the Administration Bureau either...... It is clear that the access authorizations have been altered by humans.

People are currently holding grand celebrations for the 700th anniversary of the New Age. This means that the data in Shelter is correct. It really has been 500 plus years since then...... What exactly happened in between all this time?

The kind of technology that is prohibited for development by the protocol is practically everywhere in this city... This shows that humans have gone completely loose after taking over the Administration Bureau.

The one thing that puzzles me the most, is the thing they called "cyTus"...... I tried to log in to it as well. It's basically the "Virtual Internet", the protocol's top forbidden technology. However, it is also slightly different. My authorization still couldn't access any area outside of the provided services. None of this makes any sense at all...

How did humans get their hands on this technology? And what are they using to operate this system? Is it because that they are fed up with the various limitations enforced by the protocol that they eliminated all the OPCI machines......? Or, as I have suspected in the past... the entire protocol is, in reality, nothing more than a fraud?

There are way too many questions here. I need to figure out a way to get answers. First, I need to counterfeit a civilian ID. Then, it seems that I also need some money... or it will be quite inconvenient.

[System Alert] Insufficient power (5%). Entering power saving mode.

Crap... The energy ingested from biomass is indeed limited. Got to think of something fast, or else...

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