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Main_Log_700_01_01 01:23:54

...... The information obtained from Shelter 32's database index showed that it is right now the end of 699 N.A. already. If I do some basic calculations, this means I've been unconscious for...... more than five hundred years?

How is that...... N, no, I have to calm down...

The reconstruction project has already concluded. The "Node" cities have been established too. That's why I saw those humans. That's also why almost all Shelters are abandoned now. A visit to Shelter 08... would be utterly pointless as well.

We...... failed, in the end. Lost everything...... including you......

[Added after edit on 700/01/01 02:02:53]

I must witness with my own eyes the current human civilization. Only issue... my left arm is gradually losing sensation due to being hit by the gunshot earlier... I must hurry.

Coordinates show that Node 08 is just nearby. Time to move.