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Main_Log_699_12_30 22:45:41

Been following those humans for the entire day... They seem to refer to themselves as "Exploration team". The words "Eagle-01" can be seen on their equipment. They took that creature away. I wonder how it is going to be treated?

From their conversations, I figured out that their mission has one last location to visit. I went ahead to the coordinates and checked out the place. As I expected, it's "Shelter 32". It's located in the complete opposite direction of "Shelter 08", the one I'm going to. However, I must save it from their hands first...

Shelter 32 has collapsed almost entirely. Half the entrance is buried in branches and rocks. Just how long have I been unconscious for... I can't get in this way. My only option now is to wait for those humans to open up the entrance.

The database index inside each Shelter has the coordinates of every Shelter. After I obtain that, I can also grasp my accurate geographical position and the current time better.