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Main_Log_102_01_18 15:15:15
  • Protocol Activated. Initializing reset and mass production procedure.
  • Operator core OP_201173_V through OP_49****_F series.
  • Localization locked on.
  • Initializing system reset: 100%
  • Overriding previous build states: 100%
  • Wiping prior build memories: 100%
  • Implementing HOS: 100%
  • !Warning! Reset rate 99.92% - Error has occurred. Suggestion: negligible issue, ignore and continue.
  • Initializing mass production preparation: OP_201173_V through OP_16***_L series. Now preparing prototype variations….
  • Class: Enforcer.
    • Weapon system: checked.
    • Armored plates: checked.
    • Extra power cells: checked.
    • Advance sensors: checked.
      • Enforcer system check: complete.
  • Class: Constructor.
    • Heavy machinery flats: checked.
    • Extra heavy lifting engine: checked.
    • Extra durable power cells: checked.
      • Constructor system check: complete.
  • Class: Caretaker.
    • Human imitation learning system: checked.
    • Extra detailed skin: checked.
    • Realistic hair layers: checked.
    • Biomass power system: checked.
      • Caretaker system check: complete.