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Mail_Æsir_702_12_16 14:28:45

Subject: Synchronizing Known Condition

From: Æsir

To: A.R.C. Staff X0584

I couldn't find you, so I left a message. I hope you didn't respond because you're busy on the data analysis. A serious attack occurred in Node 3 yesterday. The headquarters of gang organization suffered a planned, decisive blow. It's believed that several people have died. I tried to trace it and the source is the same as the fragmentary attacks which have occurred these last few days, but the scope doesn't compare it all . I've determined that “she” has used some method to take action freely. The restrictions placed on her have essentially been cracked. I can’t guess what she's going to do, but there's no way she'll be a good girl and cooperate so I've decided to use the only option that remains.

Tonight, I'll use the equipment I have to hack into the system. I'll also trespass into A.R.C’s underground facility and gather intelligence on the ARCI unit. If you see this message, please reply ASAP. I'll contact you in that space.