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L̴E̷T̶ ̴M̷E̵ ̸S̶T̵O̵P̷ ̶T̸H̸I̸S̵ ̷P̶L̴E̷A̶S̴E̵ ̶:̸-̷(̴
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Ivy is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the 24 playable characters in the game. She debuted with the 2.0 update. Currently, Ivy has 44 songs, and maxes out at Lv.80.


On the eve of N.A. 700, people are cheering and celebrating. Everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the new century. At the same time, the mysterious Ivy awakes inside a jungle located deep within the forbidden area. She discovers that the world no longer looks like the one she's familiar with.

She's Æsir on the internet.


Main article: Ivy OS Logs

Originally with no identity, OPCI_2501_IV had her emotions and freedom of will emerge from nothing. She soon bonded with another robot, OPCI_2501_V. They respectively named themselves Ivy and Vanessa based on their unit numbers. The two quickly formed a close bond and became inseparable, talking almost daily. However, due to the PURGE they were forced to fall into slumber in the near future.

Waking up 500 years later, Ivy realizes that she has been asleep for far too long, and that the world has changed. Vanessa is unable to awaken, and so, Ivy sets out on a journey to help her.

Ivy has also been urging to find out the truth behind the seemingly impossible current human technological advancements. She has developed the identity of Æsir to figure out what humans are hiding behind the core of Cytus.

While she is particularly aloof towards them, it seems Ivy isn't completely numb to humans, and understands that they are somewhat similar to Architects. This can be concluded by Ivy's many stunts performed in order to protect or save them during dangerous situations.

Notable Relationships

Ilka | Ilka actively sought to recruit Ivy to join The Blessed, although this offer was always refused, as her plans did not include half-awakened architects such as Vanessa. Ilka and Ivy eventually strike a deal; Ivy will help Ilka with her plans if Ilka helps her develop a temporary Cytus Matrix for Vanessa to use. Ivy ultimately betrays Ilka, leading to the events of The Purge. Despite being threatened blackmailed and physically assaulted by Ilka, Ivy begrudgingly acknowledges that successfully saving Vanessa is only possible with her help.

Xenon | During the events of Aesir fest, Ivy stole emotion samples from Xenon and consequently erased his memory of the event. After she notices Xenon beginning to catch on to her true identity during his investigations, she realizes that Xenon will be her biggest obstacle when saving Vanessa. When tracking down Aesir with Cherry, the two encounter and destroy a proxy robot which she had established. Ivy successfully frames Xenon for the events of Aesir Fest, and he is subsequently arrested. Xenon develops a vendetta against Ivy, falsely believing that the drone attacks which killed Cherry were her doing. In the OS space, Xenon and Ivy face off; a battle which he wins. Consequently he is given the choice to exact his revenge and kill Ivy or spare her life. He ultimately chooses the latter option and the two work together to develop a stronger virus which they can use to destroy Vanessa.


Ivy Free Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
99 Glooms Sta 5 7 14 185 2:37
Alexandrite onoken 4 7 13 175 2:42
Area184 Persona 4 8 12 184 2:07
AssaultMare Tatsh Assault X 4 9 14 170 2:34
Biotonic ani 3 7 13 175 1:36
BloodyMare Tatsh Assault X 3 8 13 170 1:46
Conflict siromaru + cranky 6 9 15 15 160 2:31-3:12
D R G ani 2 6 11 155 2:01
Halloween Party SHK 4 9 14 155 1:50
Lunar Mare xi vs sakuzyo 4 8 14 165 2:24
Paradigm-paragramme-program 繊(Apo11o program vs. お月さま交響曲) ft.じまんぐ 4 9 14 183 2:26
Pressure Tsukasa 3 7 12 168 2:43
Purge 3R2 4 8 12 154 2:32
Reset SIHanatsuka 3 7 12 190 2:35
Secret Garden AILE 3 6 11 136 1:56
Sentimental Journey switchworks 3 7 14 180 2:39
Sovereign LureRabbit 4 8 14 160-220 2:28
Summer Zephyr SUi 2 6 10 120 3:00
Tokiwatari Yamajet 4 8 13 128 2:40
V. Æsir 6 10 15 150 4:11
Ivy CAPSO! Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Bloody Purity eyemedia 5 8 14 155 2:26
FREEDOM DiVE xi 6 10 15 222.22 2:26
Halcyon xi 4 9 14 191 2:37
Libera Me Cranky 4 8 13 165 2:16
Masquerade M2U 4 7 11 128 2:19
Qualia KIVΛ 3 9 13 160 2:24
Saika Rabpit 3 7 12 145 1:58
To Further Dream Shinichi Kobayashi 3 7 12 140 2:28
Ivy Emotion Samples 01 Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Cristalisia onoken 4 6 12 134 2:16
Homebound Train & Moving Thoughts KillerBlood 1 5 10 100 2:39
IL Ice 5 10 15 160 3:04
Occidens ginkiha 3 7 14 175 2:50
Red Five Cranky 3 7 13 165 2:17
Ivy Emotion Samples 02 Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
CODE NAME : SIGMA NeLiME 5 9 15 209 1:55
New Challenger Approaching かめリあ(EDP) 5 8 14 140 2:57
VIS::CRACKED Frums 5 9 14 121-242 3:00
What's Your PR.Ice? SOTUI feat. Kry.exe 4 7 13 180 2:15
Wicked Ceremony Ice meets t+pazolite 4 8 14 170 2:28
Ivy Emotion Samples 03 Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
DigiGroove Electron 4 7 13 110 2:48
Heat Ring James Landino 3 7 11 128 2:15
Leaving All Behind NOMA feat. Kanata.N 3 7 11 112-165 2:37
Symmetry SIHanatsuka 4 9 15 200 2:57
Time to Fight Paul Bazooka 5 9 14 180 2:18
Ivy Marvelous Mix vol. 5 Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Drifted Fragments Codly 5 8 13 175 2:36

Result Screen Quotes

"Destruction, war, death... Why do I have all these thoughts in my brain right now...?" "My expectations were too high. Must adjust the algorithms right away." "From your music, I can't hear any sense of evolution." "Conversion rate maintained at a high level. Excellent." "These minimal errors are perhaps what separates you and me." "Thank goodness. There weren't any deviations."
"... I am, angry right now, I suppose." "Can't find any item that is worth analyzing." "This is quite a distance from what I am aiming for." "Not perfect, but still an outstanding emotion sample..." "It appears, that I've underestimated you." "... I hear it again; the sound that's just like the human heartbeat..."
"Malfunction...? It seems, that I've also heard a voice like this... a long time ago..." "This memory data is too broken to use. Need to resort to more extreme methods..." "Humans... As expected, they are exactly the same as what the data showed..." "You... may still have some value to me." "If she can hear a voice like this..." "Perfect. It's time."


  • The theme of Ivy was arranged by KIVΛ.
  • The etymology of the name Ivy is "faithfulness". This could refer to her faithful devotion to Vanessa, whom she sees as a sister.
  • Ivy, along with Paff, Nora, and NEKO#ΦωΦ, appeared in the Cytus II x Sdorica Collaboration as a black orb character. Maki Kawase, Iv's VA previously voiced Ivy in the Cytus II x Sdorica Collaboration. Ivy, along with Paff, NEKO, and Nora use their Cytus II x Sdorica Collaboration voice actresses in Cytus II.
  • Ivy is the first free character released after the games original release.
  • Ivy has the most songs taken from the original Cytus game: D R G, Biotonic, Area184, Halloween Party, Saika, Bloody Purity, Quantum Labyrinth, To Further Dream, Masquerade, Qualia, Libera Me, FREEDOM DiVE, Halcyon and Secret Garden. With the exception of Halloween Party, which is available by default, these songs either require codes to unlock or are unlocked through the CAPSO! system.
  • Ivy debuts the Click Drag Note, a new type of note where the player taps first and then drags. This note is later added to Chaos and Glitch Levels in other characters.
  • Ivy was the first free character to be released with a hidden song: AssaultMare, which can be revealed when tapping the Red morphing cube on Ivy's palm when selecting BloodyMare. She is one of the only three characters with a hidden song at all, the others being Xenon with Sairai, and Vanessa with Installation (Hidden) and Risoluto (Hidden).
  • Before version 3.7, Ivy had the most songs out of any character in the game with 44 songs. She is currently second with a total of 45 songs. The record for most songs is currently held by Graff.J, who has 68 songs.