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...It's natural for you to think that you are a real person.


Itsuki Furuhata is a non-playable character in Cytus II. He is Miku's creator.


"I'm your programmer, Itsuki Furuhata. In other words, I'm the person who made you."


Furuhata is a rather closed-off man who is stern towards everyone. He has a no-nonsense attitude, and dislikes pointless chatter, even when others are praising his work, as he believes it is nothing special.

Even with Miku, who he created, he is shown to be especially rude. Before speaking with her, he acted as if she didn't exist, and always had other people take care of her needs. When they finally talked after Miku 2.3.9. malfunctioned, he saw her as a bother, and wanted her deleted immediately, knowing Miku 2.4. was already created. But, as they spent more time together, he eventually softened towards her in his own way and began to care about her, revealing more about himself and his wife, who was not in a good state.

He knew Miku 2.3.9.'s deletion was eventually inevitable, but, as a final token of gratitude after a while, to show how much his creation meant to him, he allowed Miku 2.3.9. to perform one last time, even though he knew it would make him lose his job.