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Cytus - It's A Wonderful World


【初音ミク】It's a wonderful world.【R-15】 English Subbed


I say Hello. またき来たあなたへ
You say hello. 繰り返して

I say hello. 知らないあなへ
You say hello. 誰ですかあなた
愛せ 此処を 蔓延る暴徒を 許せ 思考 髄引き千切り 

(Chorus 1)
そう 慢心で粋がった, 世界の中心部に,  当たらないピストルを撃つ
ーそれで満足なんでしょー って きみがいったぁぁぁぁぁ~~...
It's a wonderful world.

『ねぇ,ママ(2x)』 『ねぇ。』

(Chorus 2)
もう 当たらないまらいっそ

It's a wonderful world...

I say Hello, mata ki ta anata e
You say Hello, kuri kaeshite

I say Hello, shiranai anata e
You say Hello, dare desu ka anata

aise koko wo habikoru bouto wo
yuruse shikou zui biki chigiri

(Chorus 1)
sou manshin de iki gatta
sekai no chuushin bu ni muke
atara nai pisutoru wo utsu
sorede manzoku nan desho
tte kimi ga itta
It's a wonderful world.

(Chorus 2)
mou ataranai nara isso
shotto gan ni bomu mote nitotte
jimetsu kakugo de tsukkomu no mo
maa kore mo ii ka na
ningen rashikute

It's a wonderful world...

I say Hello. To you, who came again
You say Hello. Over and over again

I say Hello. To you, who I don’t know
You say Hello. Who are you?

Love this place
the rioteers running rampant
tearing off their marrows from their thoughts

(Chorus 1)
Right, they became vain in their pride
Point towards the heart of the world
I shoot a pistol, but I didn’t hit you
--Are you satisfied with that, then?--
you said
It's a wonderful world.

"Hey, mommy"

(Chorus 2)
Well, if I can’t hit you then
I’d rather pick up a shotgun and a bomb too
and get ready for my own self-destruction
--Well, I guess that’s fine too--
Just like a human would

It's a wonderful world.

(by 25239x)

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
3.0 4 6
4.5 3 6

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    372 on Easy (95.14%), 504 on Hard (85.86%)
  • Hold notes
    16 on Easy (4.09%), 24 on Hard (4.09%)
  • Drag notes
    3 on Easy (0.77%), 59 on Hard (10.05%)


  • This is the longest song in Chapter 6.
  • This has the highest amount of notes among every Level 6 song (excluding Alive: Disaster).
  • This is one of the 8 songs to feature a Vocaloid.
  • The meaning of the song is to show how the world is not so wonderful, with crime, war, disease, and related corruptions. The song's cycon, on the other hand, depicts a heart and a pair of hands, which is the symbol of family and love

Helpful Info[]

Straightforwardly, it must be the most educational vocaloid song I've ever heard. And it is also one of my first songs done on Hard. And I think... Don't get freaked out by the laughing, and stay calm. Lel, got 99.80TP on this XD


I was totally shocked when I saw the illustration. Why? Ask this to yourself: "is that a gun the little girl is holding?"


This girl is a victim of war. Can someone dig Helen Keller's grave?


The creepy laugh gave me quite a chill but I still fell in love with it even tho it's the first time listening. The hell is wrong with me??


Probably one of the most beloved songs in Cytus and a personal favorite of mine. And to be honest, I pretty much got used to the laugh, and it's not as creepy as what other people might say.

Ume Sama