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EH!? Do you remember me!?


Iris Baker is a non-playable character in Cytus II. She was Aroma's best friend and former classmate in high school.


"What are you talking about? You're Aroma's best friend! If you're not here, what's the point? Maybe seeing you can help her remember something."



Though not much is known about Iris, she and Aroma used to be very close friends, studying together or simply hanging out. She is shown to be very cheery and loud.

Upon Aroma's return to school after her accident, Iris is the one who is the most devastated about her memory loss, and even cries when Aroma says she can't remember anything except her name. The two eventually begin to spend time together again, and Aroma remembers little bits about her, which makes Iris very happy.

After graduation, Iris moved away and lost contact with everyone. To this day, Aroma cannot find her, and for a period of time even believed Iris wasn't real. However, this was later confirmed to be false when Aroma found a photo of her and Iris, though she has still not seen her in person since their school days.