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Cytus - Iris


  • This song should not be confused with Iris, the character from Chapter K.

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy/Combo Hard/Combo
1.2(Old Chart ) 4[216] 8[491]
4.5 3 7
7.0(New Chart) 3 7

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    168 on Easy (69.14%), 462 on Hard (86.19%)
  • Hold notes
    55 on Easy (22.63%), 28 on Hard (5.23%)
  • Drag notes
    20 on Easy (8.23%), 46 on Hard (8.58%)


  • IMG 0553

    The glitch performed on Iris

    This is the only song in Chapter II with vocals.
  • The time signature is 3/4, but part of it is in 4/4
  • This is the first song with a triple-count beat.
  • Through a Glitch, it's possible to produce the red ring effect on this song. The original version will still be played upon triggering the glitch, however.
  • This song, along with Light up my LOVE, are the only 1.2.0 songs to have new chart in 7.0.
  • The vocal part in the beginning was prerecorded. This part was also used, alongside other prerecorded vocals, in the song Returner by Ayatsugu_Otowa, which can be found in Lanota, another rhythm game, Chapter C.

Helpful Info[]

FGO's QuickRun:

  • This isn't a 7. With practice, it will be. But for newcomers, it will rock your mind. Don't be daunted by the grouped grapes though, they all follow the 3/4 time signature. Do study the chart if you find the song messing your brain cells.

Hardest Lv7 IMO. Old Chart seems easier for me, anyway nice song! and spam XD


This is quite hard for a 7, but it's not as hard as Twenty One.


I recommend you to get some experience before attempting this one. As GZJ and Wheaty said, the chart won't seem to have any sense for you at first: however, it follows steadily the drum line. Let this excellent "sta-style" rock piece flow into you and the path to MM should be open.


Truffly Tips:

  • Don't freak out at the grouped notes! Just know how many notes you're tapping and where you're hitting them, so that you're not overshooting and getting Bads on notes that are behind, or undershooting and getting Misses on notes you weren't quick enough to recover and hit.
  • Study the patterns closely. Some of them may seem irregular, but they all correspond properly to the song, and thus all have a way to be easily conquered.
  • Try sliding your fingers directly from those pesky doubles at the bottom of the screen after the first chorus to the double sliders that appear right after them. It helps loads for those reflex lackers out there.