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The posters I see sometimes on the streets, they give off a warmer feeling than those ice-cold projections. Printed with pictures of beer, saying that, it seems like beer is a specialty of Node 13.

The material looks cold and hard so normally no passengers will sit on it. Especially when the weather gets colder, there’s really no one at all.

Architect, Serial Number: OPCII_2052_IL. Recently, she’s been coming here and watching the train or just sitting lost in thought. There must be something on her mind, right? Maybe, there’s someone she is worried about…

Model Car[]

Besides the perfectly coiled wire, the craftsmanship looks pretty shoddy.

  • Once all 8 criteria are met, analysis of the object rewards the EASY, HARD and CHAOS charts for the track, Levolution by MIDInco.
    1. In the Ilka exploration area, check the follow: Architect Sign
    2. Play Alb on any difficulty level
      • Audio_Rald_487
    3. Play Silver Lotus on HARD and get a grade of TP90 or higher
      • Audio_Alain_491
    4. Play Victims of Will on any difficulty level and get a grade of B or higher
      • Audio_Rald_492
    5. Play Victims of Will on HARD and get a combo of 500 or higher
      • Audio_Alaim_492
    6. Play Elysian Volitation on any difficulty level and get a grade of TP95 or higher
      • Audio_Rald_494
    7. Play Elysian Volitation on CHAOS and get a combo of 49 or higher
      • Audio_phone_494
    8. Get Ilka to level 25


The leader of the Blessed who revolted against Ilka. Her sealed memories intersect here.