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We shall meet again in the... 'afterlife'.

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Ilka is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the 25 playable characters. Currently, Ilka has 15 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 50.


In the days before humanity was revived, there existed a group of Architects who possessed self-awareness. Among them, Ilka was their leader. She led her comrades in an effort to break free of the protocols that controlled them. However, the non-awakened units forced her to take desperate measures. In the pursuit of their ultimate goal, she decided to risk it all: they would jump from the highest tower, hoping to carry on their mission in the “afterlife”…

300 Years in the future OPCII_2052_II works relentlessly as an enforcement agent for the Administration Bureau. During her missions, her fate becomes intertwined with that of Rald Neumann, Colin Neumann's great grandfather. Together they take their first steps into the unknown; to confront the rogue architect known as Ilka and unveil a disastrous plot which threatens all of humanity.


Ilka expresses a powerful sense of righteous justice. After being awakened in the reconstruction period, she views past scenes of human history: tragedies filled with immense hatred and irresponsibility that humanity has repeated time and time again; seeing that humans are incapable of change, she decides the new world they are building would be better off without them. Empathetic and considerate, Ilka strove to include all of the Architects in her plan for a better world. However, after a half awakened architect accidentally endangers them all, Ilka makes the difficult decision to cut the Half Awakened from their plans.

Notable Relationships & Interactions[]

Character relationships are intimately related to the games story. Read at your own risk.

  • Ivy | Ilka actively sought to recruit Ivy to join The Blessed, although this offer was always refused, as her plans did not include half-awakened architects such as Vanessa. Ilka and Ivy eventually strike a deal; Ivy will help Ilka with her plans if Ilka helps her develop a temporary Cytus Matrix for Vanessa to use. Ilka is ultimately betrayed by Ivy, leading to the events of The Purge. Despite threatening, blackmailing and physically assaulting Ivy, Ilka holds a deep reverence for her and is fully aware that the successful completion of her plans are only possible with her help.
  • Vanessa | Ilka saved Vanessa from a potential work site accident and later worked with Ivy to create a temporary Cytus Matrix for Vanessa to connect to.
  • ConneR | Scenes of the reconstruction project shown from Ilka's perspective are contained within a chip that has been handed down through the Neumann Family since the generation of Rald Neumann.


Ilka Songs
Player Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length Release DLC
YouTube Alb Avans 2 8 14 14 140 2:30 4.0
YouTube CODE:RED Powerless 5 9 14 15 220 2:28 4.0
Rebellion Trigger xi 6 9 15 212 2:34 4.0
YouTube 3GO Katali 5 7 12 174 2:18 4.0
YouTube Elysian Volitation Hundotte 5 10 14 190 2:47 4.0
YouTube Victims of Will Jun Kuroda 3 6 13 14 200 2:47 4.0
Silver Lotus satella 3 6 11 188 2:18 4.0
Levolution MIDInco 3 7 13 175 2:29 4.0
Re:The END - 再 - Apo11o"Æther"program ft. じまんぐ × 大瀬良あい 4 9 15 110-150 2:30 4.0
History Dstr∅yeR 溝口ゆうま feat. 大瀬良あい meets まるもこ 6 9 15 170 2:22 4.0
IɅVɅVI Blacklolita 3 6 15 160 2:34 4.6
YouTube Lamentation ARForest 6 10 14 15 195 2:22 4.7
Samuel's Farewell Sobrem 4 8 13 135 2:31 4.8
YouTube Noir Avans 3 7 12 143 2:26 4.8
Oneiroi Freeleaves 4 7 13 165 2:13 4.7

Result Quotes[]

"You have no right to question me." "I'll say it again, this mission isn't for you." "Keep your cool. Don't allow yourself to make poor decisions." "Not bad... You've exceeded my expectations." "Oh? You've lifted my spirits a little." "Excellent. The success of our operation is ensured."
"Pitiful. You're about as useful as a Sleeper." "Based on the current situation, the optimal decision would be to abort." "Hmph, is that all? Don't tell me this is the best you can do." "Your proposal is worth considering." "Your talents are intriguing. Why not join us?" "Tell me, is there anything can I do to convince you to join the revolution?"
"... You're a... malfunctioning Architect, right?" "... Such a shame." "Is there a delay in your response time? Do you need to run diagnostics?" "... Seems you might be suffering from a slight malfunction." "... You can do it. I believe in you." "... You're a very unique human."


  • Both of Ilka's themes were composed by SiHanatsuka. Ilka is one of the two characters to have two themes, the other being Vanessa.
  • The etymology of the name Ilka, is "bringer of light". This could refer to her role as leader of The Blessed, who are supposed to bring about the light of salvation.
  • Ilka was first revealed in ver 2.0 in Ivy's O.S. logs where she served an antagonistic role.
  • Ilka is the first DLC character to be released in a major update.
  • Ilka has the greatest number of Glitch charts out of any DLC characters, with 4.
  • A song about her, iL, is available from the Black Market in Emotion Samples Vol. 01.