Cytus Wiki
Level Author Title Description Song Unlocked Difficulty Unlocked
58 Flower_Head [Repost] Breaking! Cherry booed for being unprofessional" after late arrival at concert, this person spoke up for her behind the scenes... An article about how Cherry arrived at a charity concert 30 minutes late, initially without explanation. Many comments are mad at the lower quality of recent news. - -
Audio_Asakura_702_10_07 Back home after the stream at the Academy, Aroma and Neko plan to look for Iris. - -
59 AngryMan Xenon you better give us a goddamn explanation AngryMan is wondering why Xenon is staying silent after all the backlash against him. USurBrain reminds them that he's still in custody. - -
Audio_Daily08_702_10_23 While working on a piece about Æsir, Vicky gets a mysterious call from N, asking to buy information on Paff's whereabouts for 1.5 million dollars. Despite the sum, Vicky refuses.  - -
Level-locked until Paff and Robo reach level 59, Neko reaches level 64 and "[BREAKING} I think I just witness something pretty freakin major!!!" is tapped