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Level Author Title Description Song Unlocked Difficulty Unlocked
2 PAFF-Official [Announcement] Connect to major platforms now! Paff thanks the production staff for the creation of KANATA, along with A.R.C. for sponsoring holo-recreators. She tells fans to connect to major platforms. KANATA Chaos
3 PAFF-Official Thank you. Paff thanks her fans for having over 1 million views on KANATA. Fight Another Day (Andy Tunstall remix) Easy, Hard
Marshall LONG nap Marshall is confused, as he went to bed on June 28 but woke up on June 30, thinking something is bugged. Miyoko1212 confirms the date as June 30. - -
4 PAFF-Official Thank you for your support! Paff is nominated for Radio POP's "Female Singer of the Year" award, thanking her puffs (fans) for their support Survive Chaos
5 PAFF-Official [Announcement] 7th PAFFCON, ticket sales begin Paff announces a physical concert on July 27 in the Node 08 Dome. The commenters are hopeful of snatching a ticket. Baptism of Fire (CliqTrack remix) Easy, Hard
LIS I'm lost LIS is frustrated over the address and road numbering system. xwxRosyxwx notes that roads used to have unique names. - -
6 PAFF-Official [Repost] Popular singer PAFF harassed by hardcore fan at event. Agency criticizes such behavior Paff asks her puffs to keep their emotions in check. The commenters are mad and some call for his arrest. Lynx87 notes that he keeps yelling that "he is PAFF's friend". Bullet Waiting for Me (James Landino remix) Chaos
7 Xenon [Repost] Popular singer PAFF harassed by hardcore fan at event. Agency criticizes such behavior Xenon comments on how far the 'fan' went. A commenter compares him to Neko, who is shocked. She then says she's seen Xenon's face, prompting many PM requests. Body Talk Chaos
iluvpuf Disgusting iluvpuf rants about the previous posts. NEKOSAIKOU replies "You're pretty disgusting too", before being promptly banned. - -
8 PAFF-Official 7th PAFFCON, sold out Paff announces that all the tickets for PAFFCON are sold, to the commenters' dismay. However, she also hints at adding more physical sessions. Fight Another Day (Andy Tunstall remix) Chaos
9 Xenon [Ticket Request] One in physical area A for 7th PAFFCON Xenon asks if anyone has an extra ticket, as he was too busy with work. After a few attempts, Neko whines about him going to Paff's concert. - -
Level-Locked until Paff, Neko, and ROBO reach level 10 and "ROBO_Radio standing by" is tapped, letting you play Devillic Sphere on Easy in order to continue.
11 ConneR An era with no roots ConneR laments the loss in appreciation of classical music, instead caring more about the musicians' gossip than the actual pieces. - -
MYMYM Drones MYMYM wonders if drones videotape people, citing one that flew by when he was peeing. Shibawu suggests filing a complaint. - -
12 PAFF-Official Want to chat with everybody. Paff says she wants to interact more with her fans. Despite her awkwardness and nervousness, her fans are encouraging. Baptism of Fire (CliqTrack remix) Chaos
13 Xenon Xenon and this iM account Xenon notes that he's using this account simply to share his music. Friend and ex-bandmate JOE chimes in, prompting a discussion on their old band, Cystal PuNK. - -
14 PAFF-Official [Repost] Newest fall catalog ft. collaboration with PAFF 9Tan Designs collaborates with Paff on their newest autumn season of clothing, noting that she'll also be performing the sponsored song Fireflies (Funk Fiction remix). Neko claims that she composed the song, but didn't receive anything for it. Fireflies (Funk Fiction remix) Easy, Hard
15 Xenon About the optic guitar. Xenon announces that a new version of his optic guitar is almost ready for use in a new album. Neko begs to play it, but Xenon asks her to return JOE's bass first. - -
Majaja Discomfort during connection Majaja complains about a nauseating feeling he gets when he connects to cyTus. He then notes that he gets a sense of deja vu before the nausea. The rest of the comments aren't helpful. - -
16 PAFF-Official Good afternoon everyone, This is PAFF. ^^ 8pupu asks if she'd perform Gravity, Paff's song during Æsir-FEST. Paff agrees, but then the commenters disagree on whether or not Æsir-FEST actually happened. Then Paff says she doesn't feel well and decides to go to bed. Fireflies (Funk Fiction remix) Chaos
Jack [Question] Picking Furniture Jack is struggling to find suitable dining room decorations. HC replies with him saying Jack is overthinking it. - -
17 PAFF-Official At the backstage. Paff is preparing for PAFFCON. The commenters are boasting that they're there and ready. - -
ConneR What is Archaeology ConneR explains that archaeology is not about digging things up, but about finding artifacts to study for history's sake. - -
Level-Locked until Paff, Neko, and ROBO reach level 18, then the following post will be unlocked:
PAFF-Official PAFF-Official on air [A cutscene plays. Paff is singing Gravity onstage. About halfway through the song, Paff suddenly collapses, causing chaos in the audience.

Spoil Alert Cytus II - PAFF's encore song cutscene

- -
The post will then be replaced with this one:
PAFF-Official [Emergency Announcement] Helena, Paff's agent, informs that Paff has been taken to the hospital following her collapse. People are still at venue confused about what's going on, and reports of others also fainting emerge. The hashtag
also springs up.
Gravity Easy, Hard
19 PAFF-Official [Announcement] PAFF is now awake, everything is fine. Helena states that Paff has awoken and is in stable condition. She notes that Paff has had another accident before debuting, which caused severe brain damage (CyKa reveals that the accident caused her to lose her memory). The commenters spam #PrayforPAFF (except for NEKOSAIKOU, who tries to flame). Re:Boost Easy, Hard
iluvpuf PrayforPAFF Mostly more #PrayforPAFF spamming. - -
STANley [Repost] Virtual area for concert has connection issues, hundreds affected The news article about the Paff incident. 11 still hadn't regained consciousness yet. Commenters are angry as A.R.C. is blamed and also criticized for its slow response. - -
20 PAFF-Official Going back home, sorry for making everybody worried. Paff thanks everyone for their support. Commenters are still concerned of the "dizziness" she occasionally gets. Gravity Chaos
kou In a coma kou doesn't know what to do as her younger brother still hasn't woken up from the concert. Arayray suggests writing to the Administration Bureau. - -
21 PAFF-Official [Announcement] Public schedule put on hold The post announces that all of Paff's events are put on hold, but confusingly says that Paff's doctor still hasn't cleared her to leave, despite the previous post. A few are sad that they won't be able to the concerts they bought tickets for. - -
PAFF-Official Please give PAFF all your support! Commenters are hopeful of the doctor taking care of Paff. More #PrayforPAFF spamming. Re:Boost Chaos
22 PAFF-Official Check up. Paff is at the hospital for her checkup, prompting more #PrayforPAFF spamming. - -
PAFF-Official [Announcement] Premium collection now underway! Mono Music announces a premium collection for Paff, also inviting Cherry PuNK to compose the songs. The reaction is mixed, with some worried about Paff to some confused about Cherry PuNK, a new band. Green Hope Easy, Hard
Xenon Virtual space performance is very successful. Xenon thanks those who saw his performance with his optic guitar, also announcing a holo-recording that will be released as well. Neko is sad that she didn't get to see it. - -
23 ConneR The sincerest instance, right here, right now ConneR prides himself on the directness of his performance after his concert. His followers agree, although DiiR laments the inaccessibility that comes with no virtual seats. - -
24 Mecha_Giga Weird-ass experience Mecha_Giga retells a story from one of his friends. One of their friends fell asleep still connected to cyTus, who then proceeded to dream about sending messages to his friends. When they woke up, they realize the messages had been sent out in real life. - -
Hatehate Who the hell is that "Cherry" girl? Hatehate is confused over the collaboration. She speculates that it happened because she was rich and was trying to force a debut. Green Hope Chaos
25 PAFF-Official [Announcement] Activities suspended and rest The post announces Paff is travelling elsewhere to recover, and as such, all events are suspended. The comments are filled with disappointment and anger over the lack of information given. Under the same sky All
Level-Locked until Paff and Neko reach level 25, ROBO reach level 24, Ivy reach level 10 and Ending 1/Credits play