Level Author Title Description Song Unlocked Difficulty Unlocked
2Neko#ΦωΦNEKO's never seen something so stupid (ŏωŏ)Neko calls out Æsir for the Æsir-FEST fiasco. As her fans trash him, some disagree on what exactly happened.The SparkChaos
3XenonPreparing broadcast for new song.Xenon releases his collab song with Neko, Return. He reassures Neko that her parts are fine. - -
4Neko#ΦωΦHighly acclaimed musician new song announcement!Neko announces her new song, Happiness Breeze. Her fans go wild.Happiness BreezeEasy, Hard
5Neko#ΦωΦRequesting crowdfunding to buy Meowbots!After ROBO_Head's post on A.I. development, Neko wants to buy a dozen of them. Xenon counters, saying they're nothing more than a decoration.Alterna Pt.1 -Cosmogony-Easy, Hard
6Neko#ΦωΦNeko#(ΦωΦ) chatting timeNeko starts a late night chatting stream, saying Paff's new song stopped her from sleeping. She says Mono wasn't paying her for her songs and how Paff was awkwardly silent during her time there.ResurrectionChaos
ShibawuDoes MeowBot have field service?Shibawu's MeowBot has broken, corrupting the room footage to the point where they can't find the Bot or the door. Uctron_Rust says there is a service button- if they can find the Bot. - -
RinkoRan into a wild NEKO!!!!Rinko posts a picture of her in a selfie with Neko. NEKOSAIKOU is especially jealous. - -
7Neko#ΦωΦNeko#(ΦωΦ) chatting timeDuring a chat stream, Neko starts talking about Æsir-FEST. She asks if she should do something like that, but Xenon rebuffs her.One Way LoveChaos
8XenonAbout Æsir-FEST.Xenon talks about his experience with Æsir-FEST. Aside from the differing accounts, ROBO_Head has a file of the performance, but it is corrupted. - -
KiwaHuBGMKiwaHu complains about the songs being played in the cyTus lobby. - -
9Neko#ΦωΦMEOWPeople spam *~\(ΦωΦ)/~* emojis. Someone messes with the pattern, which Neko calls out.Alterna Pt.1 -Cosmogony-Chaos
Level-locked until Paff, Neko and Robo reach level 10 and "ROBO_Radio standing by..." is tapped, letting you play Devillic Sphere on Easy in order to continue.
11Neko#ΦωΦNeko#(ΦωΦ) streaming time - 「Manbora - Seeds of Miracle」Neko streams Manbora, getting weirded out by the strange achievements. She gets fired up, sensing a challenge.Zealous Hearts (Rayark Edit)Easy, Hard
12ConneRYet another advisor positionConneR announces he has accepted a new advisor position, but cannot talk any further due to a non-disclosure agreement. - -
NEKOSAIKOU"IDOL"NEKOSAIKOU rants about idols, but realizes how they donate a lot to Neko. - -
13Neko#ΦωΦ00 000 011 10 11 1000 11Comments are confused by Neko's string of numbers. Someone calls Robo to decode it, but even he can't figure it out.Happiness BreezeChaos
KiwaHuBloody HellKiwaHu rants about the poor service of BodyHack Services. They in turn offer an anger management chip. - -
14Neko#ΦωΦNeko#ΦωΦ streaming time - 「Saw of Eden(SOE)」As Neko plays the game, commenters are wondering why it is an action game as the prequel was a card game.Keep it upEasy, Chaos
15Neko#ΦωΦZ Z Z Z ZCommenters try to form something from single letters, Ouija-style. Robo makes no sense from it.Keep it upChaos
16Neko#ΦωΦNeko#ΦωΦ streaming time - 「Valkyrie ~Love Times~」Neko plays a visual novel, and commenters try to pick a route.Zealous Hearts (Rayark Edit)Chaos
17XenonMy band members.Xenon talks about his band members, which are actually all robots. Joe, shocked, asks if they're as good as him, to which Xenon replies, "Yes." - -
ShibawuiM UIShibawu complains about the UI patches giving them headaches. - -
Level-locked until Paff, Neko and Robo reach level 18 and "PAFF_Official on air" is tapped
19Neko#ΦωΦHAHA fall you bastard! Sick moveMany Paff fans are outraged by the comment, before Neko reveals she was talking about a boss she was taking on. Xenon is unimpressed.CODE NAME : GAMMAEasy
Neko#ΦωΦNeko#ΦωΦ streaming time - 「Valkyrie ~Love Times~」Neko plays an antique game, though its difficulty meant that she could only clear one boss. - -
XenonPray for PAFF.Xenon chips in on the PrayForPAFF movement, while also investigating audience faintings during the concert. - -
20Neko#ΦωΦNeko#(ΦωΦ) chatting timeNeko talks about an urban legend about online avatars still interacting with people after they died. Xenon asks for his bass back, when Neko suddenly ends her stream.CODE NAME : GAMMAHard
NEKOSAIKOUMan my sides are crampingNEKOSAIKOU laughs about Paff fainting on stage. - -
RamenBotBORINGRamenBot wonders if there are any news besides the Paff incident. BUCK$ suggests iM crashing. - -
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