Level File name Description Song Unlocked Difficulty Unlocked
1Log_701_12_14_1 -
2Cam_Arc_701_12_16 Light of Buenos Aires Easy
3Audio_Raven_701_12_21 Light of Buenos Aires Hard
4Cam_Arc_701_01_30 -
5Audio_Arc_701_02_05 tondari-hanetari Easy
6Log_702_02_14_repaired Light of Buenos Aires Chaos
7Audio_Home_697_7_11 tondari-hanetari Hard
Mail_iM_702_07_01 -
8Log_Home_697_08_08 Abduction Easy
9Mail_590_05_14 -
10Cam_Arc_702_04_04 tondari-hanetari Chaos
11Diary_ConneR_702_04_06 Abduction Hard
12Mail_BH_702_07_12 Nostalgia Sonatina Easy
13Call_702_07_12 -
14Log_Arc_702_07_14 Abduction Chaos
Cam_Arc_702_07_20 -
15Cam_Cafe_702_07_21 Nostalgia Sonatina Hard
16Diary_ConneR_702_07_22 I luv U Easy
17Cam_Arc_702_07_24 -
Mail_Arc_702_07_27 Nostalgia Sonatina Chaos
18Diary_ConneR_702_07_28 I luv U Hard
Mail_Arc_702_07_22 -
19Audio_Arc_702_08_26 Instinct Easy
Diary_ConneR_702_08_26 -
20Audio_Arc_702_08_12 Instinct Hard
21Mail_Arc_702_08_20 -
Audio_Arc_702_08_07 I luv U Chaos
22Audio_Arc_702_08_08 -
23Audio_Arc_702_08_11 Instinct Chaos
24Audio_Arc_702_08_17 -
25Diary_ConneR_702_08_28 -
File Locked until Paff, Neko, ROBO_Head, Xenon and ConneR reach level 25
Log_702_08_08_12 Floor of Lava All
26Cam_Arc_702_09_21 Olympia All
27Audio_Factory003_702_09_21_1 -
28Audio_Factory003_702_09_21_2 -
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