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The iM system is the social media platform in Cytus II. It is a mechanic for the game's story progression and one method for unlocking new songs.


When a character gains enough XP to level up, new posts may appear in the iM feed,. Often they'll be from the character who leveled up but can also include other characters and NPCs. Posts have a like button that can be pressed, and a comment section, where additional story elements can be found.

Gaining XP[]

After playing a song, that song's character gains XP based on the score achieved:[1]

XP gain = 150 * (score / 1,000,000) + Bonuses

Bonuses are awarded as follows:

  • Completing a song's difficulty for the first time: 100 XP.
  • Achieving a Full Combo (50 XP for the first FC of that difficulty, 25 XP afterward).
  • Achieving a Million Master (50 XP for the first FC of that difficulty, 25 XP afterward).
  • Completing a song whilst a character is level 25 or above will reward an additional 100 XP.

Level Locking[]

At certain points in the game, a post will be locked, and can only be unlocked when the specified characters reach a certain level. When a character reaches the desired level, their level will be locked. That character can then no longer gain XP until the locked post is unlocked and opened. This serves to make sure each character progresses at the same pace and maintains story continuity.

List of Posts[]

See /Posts for list of iM Posts



Other IM users[]

Many IM users' icons are the parts of art covers from Cytus and VOEZ.