The iM system is the social media platform in Cytus II. It serves as the game's story progression and the method for unlocking new songs. By playing songs, the characters will gain XP and level up.

  • When the game released with version 1.0, the level cap was 25. These level caps were eventually raised as the game updated with more content.
  • In the 2.0 update, Ivy became the first character to have an initial level cap of 30.
  • Update 2.3.9 released Miku, who is the only character who has a level cap of less than 20.
  • In update 2.5, Crystal PuNK was released, though their initial level cap was 20.
  • In update 2.8, Sagar and Rin were released, though their initial level caps were 20.
  • In update 3.0, Vanessa was released with the original level cap of 25.

Personal OS Logs also exist for each character, and convey other key story events.

Gaining XPEdit

After playing a song, that song's character gains XP based on the score achieved:[1]

XP gain = 150 * (score / 1,000,000) + Bonuses

Bonuses are awarded as follows:

  • Completing a song's difficulty for the first time: 100 XP.
  • Achieving a Full Combo (50 XP for the first FC of that difficulty, 25 XP afterward).
  • Achieving a Million Master (50 XP for the first FC of that difficulty, 25 XP afterward).
  • Completing a song whilst a character is level 25 or above will reward an additional 100 XP.

Story ProgressionEdit

When a character gains enough XP to level up, new posts may appear in the iM feed, which acts as the game's story system. Often they'll be from the character who leveled up but can also include other characters and NPCs. Posts have a like button that can be pressed (however this will only affect the number of likes through the whole server), and a comment section, where additional story elements can be found.

Level LockingEdit

At certain points in the game, a post will be locked, and can only be unlocked when the specified characters reach a certain level. When a character reaches the desired level, their level will be locked. That character can then no longer gain XP until the locked post is unlocked and opened. This serves to make sure each character progresses at the same pace.

List of PostsEdit


Introduction Edit


Spoil Alert Cytus II - Opening

Spoil Alert Cytus II - Opening

The first post "New Song Released." is the post given at the beginning of the game. Opening this post will then unlock the remaining posts in this section.

Author Title Description Song Unlocked Difficulty Unlocked
PAFF-OfficialNew Song Released.Paff announces her newest song, KANATA. KANATA Easy, Hard
Neko#ΦωΦNeko#(ΦωΦ) streaming time - 「Deemon 8.0 ~Peak Recital~」Neko announces that she is streaming Deemon 8.0 ~Peak Recital~, and accidentally reveals that it is sponsored.One Way LoveEasy, Hard
ROBO_HeadcyTus annual traffic reportRobo shares an article excerpt from the Node 08 Administration Bureau, saying that cyTus has over 200 million registered users and over 180 million active users.Restriction Easy, Hard
XenonReturning to the skies.Xenon announces his return to cyTus after over half a year. He also laments leaving his physical workshop, much to Neko's sadness. - -
ConneRResetColin Neumann Jr. returns to iM after five years as ConneR. He is hopeful of his new beginning. His old followers quickly welcome his return. - -
Sdorica_Official [Sponsored]Embark on your journey The post advertises Rayark's newest game, Sdorica -sunset-, with Neko complimenting its great visuals and music. Sdorica The Story Unfolds Easy, Hard, Chaos
Sdorica_Official [Sponsored]All players in Node 08 are blown away The post encourages players to download and play Rayark's newest game, Sdorica -sunset-. Hesitant Blade Easy, Hard, Chaos
GC_Official [Sponsored]GROOVE COASTER arrives with a splash Recommendations from artists like Neko and ROBO for Groove Coaster. FUJIN Rumble Easy, Hard, Chaos

Free Characters Edit

After level 35, posts start appearing in Paff, NEKO#ΦωΦ and ROBO_Head's personal OS. These posts are shown in red.

Ivy and Crystal PuNK do not use the iM System.

Paff Edit

Neko#ΦωΦ Edit

ROBO_Head Edit

Ivy Edit

  • 1-60

Crystal PuNK Edit

  • 1-30

IAP Characters Edit

Unlike the free characters (with the exception of Ivy and Crystal PuNK), IAP characters progress through their personal OS. Posts are replaced with emails, audio logs, and video transcripts.

Miku Edit

  • 1 - 20

Xenon Edit

  • 1 - 20

ConneR Edit

Cherry Edit

Joe Edit

  • 1 - 20

Sagar Edit

  • 1 - 20

Rin Edit

  • 1 - 20

Aroma Edit

  • 1 - 20

Nora Edit

  • 1 - 20

Neko Edit

  • 1 - 20

Other IM usersEdit

Many IM users' icons are the parts of art covers from Cytus and VOEZ.

Some are the reference of the producers:

  • Hulujam: Gulujam
  • KiwaHu: Kiva Wu (KIVΛ)
  • CHanatsuka: SIhanatsuka
  • txpazolite: t+pazolite


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