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Unlock Requirement

  • Purchase the song pack "Emotion Samples 01" in the Black Market.


  • As of August 2020, this song is no longer available in Chinese localizations of the game because Ice announced his support of the Taiwan Freedom Movement


  • According to Ice, this track is not a sequel or related track to the original L series. It can be referred to as a spiritual sequel, though, as the title, song, and chart share similarities to L.
    • However, many of the note patterns from the L series show up in the Chaos chart.
    • The intro to L can also be heard in the background 39 seconds into the song.
  • The Chaos chart of this song has the most amount of notes in Cytus II, 1773, beating Floor of Lava by 150 notes before it was beaten by Fur War, Pur War by a total of 227 notes.
    • However, its average note per second (9.635) is lower than that of Floor of Lava (10.471).
  • The title is a reference to Ilka and her serial number (OPCI_2404_IL).