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Cytus - ͟͝͞Ⅱ́̕


Cytus - II System Offline


  • This song's artists are actually ICE and KIVΛ.
  • This is, by far, the longest song in Cytus II, beating the previous longest song, V., by 3 minutes and 26 seconds.
  • This is the only song along with Syūten and conflict which uses two versions for the difficulties.
    • The Easy and Hard difficulty use the //System Offline// version of the song, which contains only instrumentals and orchestral tunes.
    • The Chaos difficulty uses the original version, which adds electronic sounds/drums and beats.
    • The "CHAOS" version of the song is used as the final boss song during the climax.
  • The song contains segments of bit-crushed lyrics from Loom in Cytus I.
    • The piano melody from The Beginning is also heard during this segment.
  • Around the 5-minute mark in the Chaos version of the song, you can hear Vanessa call out Ivy's name in a distorted voice.
    • This may be a response to the line "Wake up." from V.
  • The song contains remixed segments from Xenon's theme, Welcome to Cytus II, CHAOS, V., and Used to be.