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Media[edit | edit source]


Cytus - Holy Knight


Holy Knight (Mozarc).Ver) - eyemedia

Difficulty Change Log[edit | edit source]

Version Easy Hard
3.0 5 8

Note Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Click notes
    363 on Easy (87.68%), 514 on Hard (76.72%)
  • Hold notes
    21 on Easy (5.07%), 34 on Hard (5.07%)
  • Drag notes
    30 on Easy (7.25%), 122 on Hard (18.21%)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This song also appears in Deemo and VOEZ.
  • In the middle of the song (Hard Mode), a hold note and a drag note make the letter K, referring to Holy Knight.
  • Along with Sacred, Saika, Sanctity, Colorful Skies and Bloody Purity, this song appears in the arcade game Mozarc.
  • This song's artwork is also used to illustrate Chapter K's cover art.

Helpful Info[edit | edit source]

I <3 this song. It sounds so... Awesome. At the middle, there are some rush notes, and that is the most important part. Once you've got it all right, remember le three-note holds at the end.
— CookiesNWaffles
This song goes by one word: Holy. If you hate eight note charts, you better start liking them, cause this song is full of it. Oh, and beware of rush notes towards the end, and the pesky dragging.
— MrGZJcool
My ears said "Wow! Epic!" while my fingers said "Wow! So tired!" There are alot of eight note groups in this song. Don't use all your energy on it.
— SerialNo30000324
I <3 this song too. It's a high-intensity 8 without being too hard. However, this song is similar to Violet in the sense that there are too many 8-note groups.
— Semi-Squishy 3000
Well... GZJ said it all. This song is holy-amazing... The chart is pretty easy if you ask me. But <3 Iris! <3 Rosabel!
— Dr. Breakfast
Almost forgot why this is an 8. Oh yeah, the middle. Expect rush notes and 8-groups.
— DropletKloud
This song is epic, great job Eyemedia!! And the chart is cool too.
— Mentholzzz

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