Cytus Wiki


Difficulty Change Log[]

Version Easy Hard
3.0 5 8

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    363 on Easy (87.68%), 514 on Hard (76.72%)
  • Hold notes
    21 on Easy (5.07%), 34 on Hard (5.07%)
  • Drag notes
    30 on Easy (7.25%), 122 on Hard (18.21%)


  • This song also appears in Deemo and VOEZ.
  • In the middle of the song (Hard Mode), a hold note and a drag note make the letter K, referring to Holy Knight.
  • Along with Sacred, Saika, Sanctity, Colorful Skies and Bloody Purity, this song appears in the arcade game Mozarc.
  • This song's artwork is also used to illustrate Chapter K's cover art.

Helpful Info[]

I <3 this song. It sounds so... Awesome. At the middle, there are some rush notes, and that is the most important part. Once you've got it all right, remember le three-note holds at the end.


This song goes by one word: Holy. If you hate eight note charts, you better start liking them, cause this song is full of it. Oh, and beware of rush notes towards the end, and the pesky dragging.


My ears said "Wow! Epic!" while my fingers said "Wow! So tired!" There are alot of eight note groups in this song. Don't use all your energy on it.


I <3 this song too. It's a high-intensity 8 without being too hard. However, this song is similar to Violet in the sense that there are too many 8-note groups.

Semi-Squishy 3000

Well... GZJ said it all. This song is holy-amazing... The chart is pretty easy if you ask me. But <3 Iris! <3 Rosabel!

Dr. Breakfast

Almost forgot why this is an 8. Oh yeah, the middle. Expect rush notes and 8-groups.


This song is epic, great job Eyemedia!! And the chart is cool too.