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Aroma, leave most of the things to sis. I'll deal with them for you.


Helena Black (nee White) is a non-playable character in Cytus II. She is Aroma's sister and Noah's wife.


"I'm Helena, Aroma's older sister. I'll be blunt, Monophonic... Entertainment? Never heard of this name before... Your company wants to sign Aroma after seeing the show, is that correct?"


Helena is a polite woman who speaks to almost everyone using a sophisticated, professional tone, except for her husband and sister.

She often scolds Noah, sometimes even being rude to him and getting into fights, but with Aroma, she is nothing like that. Her sister is her pride and joy, and Helena is shown to be incredibly overprotective of her, always following her and taking care of things Aroma herself cannot, for example, signing her contract with Monophonic Entertainment after they watched Aroma's performance. Those feelings and responsibilities only became stronger after Aroma's accident, where she was left with no memory of Noah and Helena. From that day on, Helena took it upon herself to rid Aroma's worries and take care of anything she needs, since she believed it was her fault that Aroma got so severely injured. She handled everything related to Aroma's career, even being the one who handled the PAFF iM account. These acts go to the point where several people, one of them being NEKOΦωΦ, begin to believe that Aroma is either speech-impaired or unable to do basic tasks on her own. However, Aroma does not mind Helena's behavior, and is thankful to her.

Upon receiving news of Aroma's disappearance, Helena became incredibly stressed and blamed herself and Noah for it. She cancelled her contract with Monophonic Entertainment after being unable to find her.

After Aroma managed to get both her and Kaori's memories back and reunite with Helena, Helena was conflicted on whether or not Aroma was now the sister she truly knew. However, those doubts soon disappeared after the two talked, and they were able to reconcile again in peace.