One Way Love
Happiness Breeze
3R2 as DJ Mashiro
Alterna Pt.1 -Cosmogony-
Happiness Breeze.png
Character NEKO#ΦωΦ BPM 185 Length 2:24
Version 1.0 Cover Art zeco
Difficulty Max Combo Chart Design
Easy 3 278 Linzin阿哲
Hard 7 564 Linzin阿哲
Chaos 12 896 Linzin阿哲
Glitch 14 1173 Linzin阿哲

Unlock Requirement[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]


Happiness Breeze-0

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the Facebook Page of 3R2, "DJ Mashiro" is the alias of 3R2.
    • This track is the last track of 3R2 under the DJ Mashiro name.

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