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Mail_ConneR_695_07_24 11:10:32

Subject: Received the Recital Invitation

From: Colin Neumann Jr.

To: Hans Turner

Mr. Turner,

The last performance went well. I've received the invitation from your agency, asking me to perform with you. This is a courteous reply.

Attached is a file of classical sheet music. If you're interested, get a feel for it. It's much different from the false vulgarities that pass for music nowadays. A whiskey that's lively, with rhyming notes; one whiff of its fragrance will leave you intoxicated... unforgettable.

Of course, you can't throw off the shadows of being hidden away for so long. The problem isn't in your playing, but your heart. Perhaps in this regard, I can help.

A word of advice: Everything we lost from ancient civilization... humanity chose to throw away. Whether it's the melody in your mind or heart, if you want to put the pieces of the puzzle together, you'll have to look outside; you must throw off the shackles that bound you. I'm sure you catch my meaning. Think about it.

Ah, yes. That control freak sister of yours probably told you to stay away from me. But it would be such a waste to pass up such beautiful music, don't you agree?

Colin Neumann Jr.