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Log_report_695_06_09 16:13:14

“I never thought my music would inspire others.”

Hans Turner looks a bit bashful in front of the piano, his voice gentle and his comportment showing a maturity beyond his years.

Ever since he was ten, Hans has shown incredible talent in the music world. The third year on his journey, his works are becoming richer and more elegant. Everyone says that his sounds winds around the ears like a spirit, testament to some poignant story, grasping the hearts of all who hear it.

The tragic sound of this teenager is inexplicably wrapped up in his past. Hans was abandoned by his family and found by the Exploration Team, discovered by and now under the care of Hilda Turner.

Whenever Hans discusses this, he looks dismayed. “ I don’t remember the past. But in my mind…. A melody keeps playing. It’s so gently, so elegant… Like an illusion. I can’t remember the second part… Perhaps it has something to do with my past….”

Although arduous piano practice keeps Hilda and Hans living apart, it doesn’t affect their positive relationship. Hans always carries a gift from Hilda| an exquisite hourglass.  Hilda laughs saying, “That was found by the Exploration Team. To me, Hans is like a blood brother to me. That’s why I gave him something so special.”

Hilda has revealed that Hans will be performing a recital with the renowned classical maestro, Colin Neuman Junior. “I’m confident that this is the most anticipated concert this year.”