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Log_Record_2280_06_30 08:10:30

Patient Name: T̷̵̵7͏̵̷͘͡g̶̵̡̀͞9̛҉̕͟-̧̢̕͞H͏̵̢́͘

Patient No: 5402

Symptom Description and Records: The patient, T̷̵̵7͏̵̷͘͡g̶̵̡̀͞9̛҉̕͟-̧̢̕͞H͏̵̢́͘, suffers from slow-onset dementia. We expect him to deteriorate into a condition of complete brain failure within a few months. The family signed an agreement to perform experimental therapy on January 2nd 2280. We installed a small port in the back of the patients head and connected it to the Cytus system, using the emotional power of music to stimulate a complete reconstruction of his cognitive structures.


We have found that certain pieces of music synergize well with the patient’s brainwaves; pieces of classical piano music. The family has agreed to move forward with the experimental therapy. The next step is to place the patient within a simulated reality from which these songs were originally located; a story about a young man who plays the piano and his sister who he sacrifices his life to save. In this story, the sister falls into a deep coma where she dreams that she must play the piano with a ghastly figure, a recreation of memories of her brother, in order to make a tree grow and return home. It has been shown that complete immersion into this story has increased the systems conversion rate and has stabilized the patients emotional state during the long term therapy. However, the patients memory was disturbed as a result of entering into the simulated environment; it is likely that he may now associate himself with characters from this reality. Therefore, the family and the main medical team have discussed a means of improving his situation.


Today, it has been decided that the medical team will build a complete recreation of the reality within the simulation, in order to reduce the shock upon the patient’s awakening and reduce the disparity between the simulated reality and the real world.


The medical treatment plan has been completed. Our calculations reveal that the completed construction of the patients cognitive capacities will require ten cycles, 50 years, which will be carried out in a state of cryopreservation. The treatment begins today with the first cycle beginning upon the families confirmation; we expect to carry out this examination of the patients consciousness on May 22nd of 2285.


Length of Last Recording: 00:00:03 Warning: System inability to continue running detected. The system will shut down soon. Judgment: Cryopreservation state will be maintained at the lowest possible energy output possible.