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Diary_ConneR_695_10_28 05:21:28

Personal Diary 6951028 ConneR

Location: Node 12 Temporary Encampment

As expected, Mr. Turner is hiding many treasures just waiting to be uncovered. The clues that will lead us to the heart of truth are even deeper than he imagines.

Based on Mr. Turner's descriptions, what occurs in his dream are based on actual events. The fact that he continues to have the same dream is supplementary evidence. The most difficult thing to explain is why the details and experiences in the dream are buried in the mind of a thirteen-year-old, accompanied by an unknown, ancient melody.

The Nodes we know today were constructed hundreds of years ago. Even though they've been partially destroyed, they still contain the most advanced technology we know of. It's hard to imagine they would appear in a dream. The ancient tree, artistic lamp holders, the classical piano embedded in the tree... There's absolutely no way a modern human would have these things.

Given the current clues, Mr. Turner was most likely born in Node 47. Based on what I know, there is indeed a lot of mystifying piano music from there, but most of is scattered among the ruins and has not been systematically filed. Where did Mr. Turner encounter this melody such that he would remember it? Or perhaps... that tiny body of his contains deeper, more ancient secrets?

Something this bizarre... I have some thoughts on the matters. And one of them may explain all these abnormalities. I have a feeling that all the riddles will be answered in Node 47. But before then, there are still some things I must confirm. Perhaps this "truth" is not far removed from what my father and I pursue.

ConneR 695_10_28