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Artifact No: A0615_058

Artifact Level: Level C

Date of Recording: N.A. 685.05.12

  • Summary: Discovered by Hilda Turner of Eagle-01; external appearance matches the texts; contains a function whereby dreamscapes are translated into speech
  • Analyses reveal that partial functions are damaged, including limited storage space, ability to access only parts of dreams, etc.
  • A search of A.R.C.'s artifact database indicates that there are multiple artifacts capable of recording dreams.
  • Analysis of dream translation technology complete; the research department has developed brainwave scanners with similar functions; currently in the experimental stage.
  • Based on the above reasons, this artifact has been classified as Level C.
  • Notes: Level classification has been confirmed. On N.A. 686.08.17, after going through the property transfer protocol, the rights to this object will belong to Hilda Turner.