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A Half-Awakened Architect is any architect which possess sentience and the ability to act apart from the Hyperion Protocol. While the Half-Awakened can think for themselves, they are unable to process the emotions they experience. Consequently, they must periodically sync themselves to a Cytus Matrix to lower their emotional density. Should a half-awakened resist the need to sync with a Cytus Matrix the negative emotions will fester, often resulting in disastrous consequences.

There is no known reason for why an Architect may become Awakened or Half-Awakened. While some half awakened, such as Rin can become awakened, some such as Vanessa, cannot. It should be noted that a core which has been continuously reprocessed has a lower chance of being awakened.

Notable Half-Awakened Architects are Vanessa and Rin (albeit she later became fully awakened).