Cytus Wiki

Welcome to the Cytus Wikia! First and foremost, we are a wikia to help you in anything Cytus-related, so feel free to comment on anything, and ask questions too.

But of course, you are here to learn how to play Cytus! Well, we have many tips for you new people around, so let's get started.

1. The Application[]

Firstly, we have Cytus of course. It's a game created by Rayark Inc. - a game development corporation in Taiwan. on the app, and wear headphones, because it looks cooler that way. You have the title screen, hit start and this is where your Cytus journey begins.

2. Tutorial[]

You can always access the tutorial on the bottom of the Cytus screen. There are 3 types of Notes. Click Notes, Hold Notes and Drag Notes.

  • Click Notes: Really standard notes. Just...tap it when the bar overlaps the note. It's best when the bar is in the middle of the note.
  • Hold Notes: These notes have to be held for a certain amount of time. Depends on the length of the bar.
  • Drag Notes: You have to drag your finger along the track in time with the bar. These can be affected by sensitivity of the screen.

3. LET'S ROLL![]

Let's get started! There are some easy songs we recommend, like:

How do you do that?

  • Scroll through the songs by swiping.
  • Start a song by touching a song title card in the middle.

4. End Result[]

Once you finish a song, you'll head to the result screen and it'll show your Score depending on your skill. 700,000 is the cut off point, anything below it and you are Vanessa's chowder. 700,000 to 799,999 gives you a C. 800,000 to 899,999 gives you a B. 900,000 to 949,999 gives you an A. 950,000 to 999,999 gives you an S, and...well. A Million is a Million Master!

You will also see TP on the bottom left, but, to you...isn't really that important.


So that's it. You journey has started to master every song in Cy-*pfffttttt*. Nah. You can't master Freedom Dive. Or can you?
Just take a gander around the whole Cytus world.

This is MrGZJcool, falling into Liberation.