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Chart Statistics[]

Chart Statistics for Chaos
Length 15 BPM 128 Level 12
Scan Line
Minimum Speed 128 BPM Mode 128 BPM Maximum Speed 128 BPM
Note Type
Tap 511 Hold 31 Drag 296
Long Hold 6 Flick 11 Click Drag 0


Observing the dawn 'till it breaks
All goes upside- down as the day breaks
A hundred pieces of thought of the hope
were dancing on a rope
made me go off the deep end

Don't let the sunshine rain down on me
as long as the earth isn't far below me
Will climb the hills of the sky, won't cry here and die
want to fly up enough to divide sunlight

The stream of false dawn, can't let me down
Much can be done right for this time, and
no need to be known, still good to the bone
Ready to drown deep in the sky

I spy overlying wings swing as I go
dive right into the free air and rise the sun
Eyes may gray out, I might shout 'mayday', as
side wind wails while I fight the gravity

I spy overlying wings swing as I fly
beneath the old moon's ray, when the starlights sway
I may blackout, I may face the fallout
Though, I'm ready to go, im so ready to go

I'm ready to fall

Story significance[]

  • PAFF was performing this song when she lost consciousness on 702/07/27. Fittingly, the song's lyrics contain "I'm ready to fall".


  • This song was revealed in 2017 RayarkCon before the release of Cytus II.
  • Before unlocking this song, by clicking the iM post from PAFF-Official, a cutscene would play showing PAFF performing the song and then suddenly fainting.
  • The vocals of this song were sung by Kaicy, who is also the vocalist in Body Talk.
  • This song is featured in M2U’s album, THE LAST ONE.
  • The Glitch chart was released in 2.8.5.