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Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
8.0 7 9


  • This is a remix of Qualia, Bloody Purity, and Holy Knight.
  • On hard mode, there is a group of drag notes that forms the Rayark logo.
  • The cat doll, Mirai, from Deemo (another game from Rayark) and Deemo himself (shown as a chalk outline), along with Iris and Rosabel from Holy Knight and the whole Chapter K, make an appearance in the cover art.
  • The song title, GENESYS, is constructed by Scrabble tiles with their respective values.
  • The song title comes from Ancient Greek γένεσις (genesis, "origin").
  • This is the longest KIVΛ song.
  • This is the second 8.0 song to be revealed in the May 2015 Rayark Open House before the 8.0 release, other being The Sacred Story.

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    473 on Hard (42.77%)
  • Hold notes
    74 on Hard (6.69%)
  • Drag notes
    559 on Hard (50.54%)

Helpful Info[]

BRO! Have the PC first, let me kill myself with the dubstep parts of this song.


As scary as this song sounds, it isn't all that hard. Just twists and drags and that's it.


If the category "Songs with many drags" still exists, then this song will be included in this category (lel). This song sounds very hard, but actually it is really not that hard.


Hard? NO! This isn't one of the easiest song, but neither is one of the hardest songs, you only have to practice those slides and you will be fine


First Hard MMed song in Chapter M (except Alive: The Beginning). The slides are pretty much complicated, plus the artwork... oh Iris... I have nothing to say

Aviel S.XY

Title is not to be mistaken with the Terminator series.


Be careful with the slides in this song, they can mess you up if not ready.


This song's chart isn't even complex or hard to read. It only requires technique and slippy fingers, haha. The beginning is somewhat tricky, though, but that's just my opinion.