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Cytus - Future World


KillerBlood - 來世 (Future World)

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
3.0 3 7
4.5 4 7

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    269 on Easy (77.97%), 449 on Hard (67.41%)
  • Hold notes
    5 on Easy (1.45%), 18 on Hard (2.70%)
  • Drag notes
    71 on Easy (20.58%), 199 on Hard (29.89%)


536px-Future World

Future World in Deemo

  • This song and Musik are the only chiptune songs that are not in Chapter R.
  • This is one of the 26 songs available in another one of Rayark Inc.'s games, Deemo.
  • The notecount for the hard difficulty is 666, being one of the few songs where its notecount have recurring digits.
  • Various versions of this song, including remixes, are available on SoundCloud
  • The boy in the cover art, along with the girl from Just A Trip's, have reappeared in Afterglow's cover art.

Helpful Info[]

So the part that screws me over every time is the end, where there are all these long slides...cause I never slide them all the way. So...slide them all the way. And you will be fine.


This song is definitely upright cheerful and happy. Be warned of long drags, alternated timing (to click notes), slow rush notes and the TP. RNSH didn't even have as many notes as this one... Beast level 7.


That ref. though. As the Wikians above said, you need to make sure that all those slides have been secured. Timing shifts too in here.

  • draaaag* *misses the last one* AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

The devil wants to take away your MM in this song with those alternating notes....


This is conspiracy...... This devil gesture and the devil max combo...