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Fur War, Pur War


  • As of August 2020, this song, along with other Ice songs in Cytus II, is no longer available in the mainland China version of the game after an incident involving Ice and Hong Kong.


  • This song’s Chaos chart has the highest amount of notes in Cytus II with 2000 notes.
    • It’s also the third overall densest chart of Cytus II, with the second being Blow My Mind (tpz Overheat Remix) of 11.18 notes per second and the first being Hydra with 11.30 notes per second. Its record of 10.82 notes per second beat the former, Floor of Lava’s 10.4 notes per second Chaos chart.
  • In around two-thirds of the Chaos chart, drag notes form a sword several times, which may reference the sword the knight is holding in the cover art.
    • At one point, two swords were formed by drag notes at the same time, which is a reference to the Deemo cover art of “RE:UNION -Duo Blade Against-“, a song created by Ice and モリモリあつし.
  • This song is in the album Nekomimi Syndrome.