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Cytus - Freedom Dive

Cytus - Freedom Dive

XI - Freedom Dive ↓

XI - Freedom Dive ↓



Difficulty Change logEdit

Version Easy Hard
5.0 6 9

Notes Edit

  • To activate the hidden version of Freedom Dive, slide down from the middle of Kurante's head to the title of Freedom Dive to get Freedom D↓ve.

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    524 on Easy (92.58%), 988 on Hard (80.85%)
  • Hold notes
    18 on Easy (3.18%), 2 on Hard (0.16%)
  • Drag notes
    24 on Easy (4.24%), 232 on Hard (18.99%)


  • The total amount of notes in Hard is a reference to the BPM of the song (1222). 
  • This song has the fastest scan line BPM in Cytus, which is 222.22

Freedom Dive BMS artwork featuring Kurante

  • The girl in the picture is called Kurante, which means "Current" when translated in English.
  • The pattern of this song in the trailer came from a BETA update of Cytus Lambda and is actually harder than the in-game version. However, the chart was later scrapped due to the technical difficulties on Android devices.
  • This song is currently one of the two songs that has drag notes revolving around a series of click notes in the middle. The other song is Blue Eyes.
  • Despite not remotely having the most notes in the game, the song has the third highest note density, having an average of 8.855 notes per second, beaten by Freedom D↓ve of 14.5 and Codename : Zero of 9.19 notes per second.
  • There is a re-arranged version of this song called "Glorious Crown" made by the same composer, xi. Also, it appears in the music game maimai, and finally in Cytus II.
  • This song first appeared in BMS for the MAXBEAT Be-music Source contest, although it uses a different version of the song.
    • The BMS version of the song became rather infamous for its FOUR DIMENSIONS chart due to being physically impossible to play.
    • With around 3 million views, it is the most viewed BMS song in YouTube, and by extension the most viewed song in Cytus.
    • It can also be found in the music games VOEZ, CHUNITHM, Sound Voltex, maimai (tpz Overcute Remix version), 太鼓の達人, Ongeki (same as the maimai used version), WACCA, and Muse Dash.

Helpful InfoEdit

The speed and pattern and Over-genki music and TRAILER PATTERN is IMPOSSIBRU!!
— Basic1234
It's a cool song but the scan line makes you live a sweet nightmare
Holy crapzzz. Happy Hardcore turns me on. Especially when it's xi's. Then again, it's my hardest song in this game, with the fastest scan line, with the crazy note-drag-note-drag-note patterns at the ending that prevents me from scoring the damn 880K. The middle part is definitely not to be underestimated either, drag and notes and drags... (Explodes in euphoria of ending finals) FREEDOM DIVE!
— CookiesNWaffles
Welcome. So, you have decided to find tips on this song EH? Got the perfect tips right here. 1. Slide+Tap in middle *Right hand slide, left hand tap, switch hands, left hand slide, right hand tap, switch hands. *Right hand slide, left hand taps three times. Left hand slide, right hand tap, switch hands, left hand taps twice, switch hands, left hand slide, right hand taps twice, switch hands, right hand slide, left hand tap. 2. Killer in middle *Left taps, right slide slide, switch when scan line hits top. 3. Killer in end *Left hand tap tap tap, right hand tap(slide) tap(slide) tap(slide) x2. Switch hands after x2.
— MrGZJcool
The speedy scan line makes it exciting (and also frustrating) to play. My advice is do not play this over three times a day or you'll lose control of your fingers. Anyway, the melody of the song is quite cheerful, and I like that (what a comment).
— SkyEagle
A Cytus gaylord player once said after he MMed this without ClickFX: Everytime it goes master, my TP is always very low.
— Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal
This song is awfully insane! You seriously need a really-really fast hand for MMing this.
— CBeatricia
Get free! With the fastest line in any song and one of the songs in the top 5 for most notes, it should be soooooo easy. No, just kidding. Although, I did it! I achieved an A! If I can, you can too. Go, go, go!
— Semi-Squishy 3000
Freedom! No! This song will jail almost everyone who want to MM it forever. With endless click + drag and BPM of 222.22, this song is a mission impossible for people with normal reflections. Tips: you can swipe over the start of a drag chain with click on it. This is useful when a click appears before that drag. But be careful with the click notes at the end of drags! You need to slide ahead of the scan line and click the next note as fast as you can.
— Eric14051433
Holy crap this song is intense. You need to keep intense levels of focus when playing, or you will likely miss sixteen notes in a matter of moments. However, to be fair, you will probably miss extreme amounts of notes and ultimately fail if you are unskilled, seeing as the song requires insane speed and technique.
— Epicman2514
Ah. The good ol' freedom dive. For the revolving track, assign one hand for the sliders and the other to tap. Above all, spam at the end, but spam carefully on only the cramped parts.Got my S that way.
— Fluffysheep123
Freedom Dive is FD, which is Final Destination. Coincidence? I think not.........
FD is the hardest song in Cytus for me. The pattern is quite simple, but the 222.22 BPM is just hell. Currently the only song I can't get S on...
And a thing to keep in mind: freeDON'T DIE while playing this song.
(Update: Managed to get an S, but MM is still a long way to go :p)
— Capri
Mostly this song is lethal for people who can't stand a high-speed BPM and for smaller screens like me.
But worry not, this song is really awesome. It takes a long time to practice it, but particularly, just because there are some "walk-in-the-park" part, prepare for the worst nightmare. I already spent already 3 months just to practice this, and already got MM twice, thanks to "don't spam" technique.
— KsatriobimoCW
This song, FREEDOM DIVE! The fastest scan line in the game. On my First Try, I got an A. An A is actually pretty easy to get, just spam and spam. This song is freaking hard. In the last part, I never can get pass it without any bad or miss. To get an S, you can do it like me:
Revolving slide track, switch the hand for slide. For the middle killer and last killer: spam with two finger on each side...
— Mentholzzz
Codename:Zero is fun. This is hell. I tried so hard just to get a B. Last song to get a B below 850000.
— DropletKloud

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