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  • A unique melody arrangement made this r & b, funk, dance song special. Rich guitar elements is also dancing along with the song that is so enjoyable. A combination of English and Japanese lyrics revealed a mixture of western and Japanese culture. The song is talking about being able to enjoy life even when you are single. Flying to Paris for a special treat doesn’t need anyone to approve. Having fun with girls like when we were back in school, etc. All makes you glow again. Well, I bet we still sometimes missed the feeling of being in love but let’s take a break! Look up to the sky and watch the stars shining above us could still be very romantic. Until we met the right guy again! - Sing Sing Rabbit


飛び去れMonday Night 
ロマンチックTuesday vibe 
Silver rings and long shimmering tights 
What about some Wednesday wine 
Have some cuteness 
Thursday dine 
Boy I got you online 
バッテリーdown Ninety-nine oh 
「Can you be my girl tonight? Have a date? Friday Night?」 
And I tell you 「Hey Boy! I’m tired出掛けないわ」 
Saturday in Neon Light 
Have some fun 気楽に 
Just some girl’s talk happy 
乾杯 踊るよMy oh My 
All the pressure left behind 
Make sure girl you’re alright 
I have youだけじゃない 
You have me to talk all night 
Love & Hugs....
Laugh & Cry 
Sunday let’s go to パリの 特別な所 
飛び跳ねる胸が 高鳴って歌うよ だっていつでも 
It’s like I’m flying with love 
To the moon and the stars 
それいいね~ 幸せな想いずっと忘れないよ~ 
Swinging in the breeze I’m by myself, I’m happy ever than before 
No one’s ever gonna tell me what I shouldn’t do
See how I’m glowing 
Don’t know why You don’t really need a reason 
When the stars shine It’s like fall in love... 
Sometimes I still dream there’s someone to be with me for a lifetime


  • This song was announced by the v4.7 trailer
  • The cover art features Hayato & Kaori dancing together
  • The cover art depicts the Eiffel Tower in the background