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Unlock Requirement

Difficulty Changelog

Version Easy Hard Chaos
1.0 6 9 15
2.0 6 10 15




Floor of Lava


  • As of August 2020, this song is no longer available in Chinese localizations of the game because ICE announced his support of the Taiwan Freedom Movement


  • The "Give Money" ring and wings from Entrance appear in the Cover Art.
  • This song is part of N.M.S.T. (ICE and 3R2)'s album, Shota Paradise.
  • According to ICE, this song is considered a sequel to Entrance.
  • This song also appears in Groove Coaster as their respective collaborations.
    • The background animation referenced the Chaos chart of this song.
  • After many complaints due to a double unlock with Xenon, this song is unlockable in 2.4 without unlocking him.
  • This song, along with V., Chaos and Abyss -3rd Movement-, Glorious Crown, FREEDOM DiVE, and XODUS is one of the only six songs to have the highest possible level for each respective difficulty (Easy 6, Hard 10, Chaos 15).