Floor of Lava
Floor of Lava
Character ConneR BPM 180 Length 2:35
Cover Art Ryori Version 1.0
Difficulty Max Combo
Easy 6 712
Hard 10 1005
Chaos 15 1623
Glitch Not available Not available

Unlock RequirementEdit

Difficulty ChangelogEdit

Version Easy Hard Chaos



Cytus II ConneR Ice - Floor of Lava

Cytus II ConneR Ice - Floor of Lava

-Cytus II- Ice - Floor of Lava (Album- Shota Paradise)

-Cytus II- Ice - Floor of Lava (Album- Shota Paradise)


  • This is one of the 12 songs to have a Chaos difficulty of 15, along with CODE NAME : GAMMA, Chrome VOX, REmorse, Blow My Mind (tpz Overheat Remix), Capybara Kids' Paradise, FUJIN Rumble, V., iL, CODE NAME : SIGMA, Fur War, Pur War and Re:incRnaTiØN ~夕焼ケ世界ノ決別ヲ~.
  • Before update 1.9, it is considered as the hardest song of the game.
    • Some have even called this as the "Big Boss of Cytus II", since this is considered the hardest song so far and the very last song to unlock before update 1.1 as you need to reach max level with all the 5 characters.
    • The Easy and Chaos charts has the most notes of each difficulties until iL broke the record (only for the Chaos chart).
  • The "Give Money" ring and Wings from Entrance appear in the Cover Art.
  • This song is part of the Shota Paradise album by N.M.S.T (the collaboration between 3R2 and ICE), and according to ICE, it is considered a sequel to Entrance.
  • This song is also appeared in Groove Coaster as their respective collaborations.
    • The background animation refrenced the Chaos chart of this song and the something about ConneR.
  • After many complaints due to a double unlock with Xenon, this song is unlockable in 2.4 without unlocking him.

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