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You have hardened your heart,
chose to break this nation apart,
killed my sons, shed their blood with your sword,
All you wickedness, do I abhor.

But the law says eye for an eye,
I'll strike down your people for my child.
So come midnight, my plague wrecks your throne,
and awaken by the wailing is the Pharaoh,
for all Egypt has lost their firstborns.

I have hardened your heart,
to pursue my people from afar.
Hunt to wilderness, ride to the sea,
with all your chariots, army to kill.

But my son will stretch out his hands,
to destroy your six hundred men.
So come daybreak the red sea collides,
You will know I'm the Lord of my might,
when Egypt will sink here to die.


  • The vocals of this song are sung by Iris.
  • According to Sotui, this song was for Sagar but ultimately ended up in BoBo
  • The lyrics refer to the biblical Passover of the Old Testament, in which God, angered by the Egyptian Pharaoh's enslavement of his people, sent numerous plagues to the people of Egypt. These culminated with God sending the angel of death to kill the firstborns of each household that does not have the blood of a sacrificial lamb on the door, as well as the destruction of the Egyptians pursuing the Jewish flight in the Red Sea.